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What is zen interior design?

Designed specifically to create a sky in your home, zen design is inspired by the Japanese tradition. This decorating trend is characterized by a predominance of accessories with a minimalist design and clean lines. The elegance of style comes from the contrast between the bright colors and the colors inspired by nature. The association of red, which means prosperity, and beige, symbol of the earth, is a perfect illustration of this contrast.

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Implement a zen design in your home means a return to simplicity. This principle allows for lots of space, with limited decorative accessories. Although keep furniture to a minimum, zen interior is very comfortable. It does not exclude the comfort of carpets and cushions on the sofas, as the zen effect is obtained through color contrasts. Choose a glossy black finish on your furniture to contrast with carpets and cushions in reds.

The lighting of the space is one of the main pillars of zen atmosphere. A diffused lighting helps create a smooth and relaxed atmosphere. The candles are decorative and have a relaxing effect, but natural light is also very important, hence the need to make the right decision about curtains. Choose Japanese-style curtains are available in a variety of materials, including canvas and semi-opaque veil for a relaxed lighting.

Bathrooms zen.
You can redesign your bathroom zen style adding nature-inspired elements in the décor. Stylish and durable, the wood is a perfect item to illustrate the trend zen in your bathroom. You can use it in accessories like towel racks and soap dishes. For a touch of originality, you can install a wooden bathtub. Opt for painting your bathroom in white, as this simple and brilliant tone is perfect to highlight your decorative accessories.

Zen Accessories
You can create a zen look in any room of the house. To decorate the living room , you can choose terracotta vases with a few orchids. Flowers are the simplest way to represent nature in your home. Incense can also add a touch of Zen to your home, especially if you focus on simple scents like cedar or pine. A few candles or lamps with diffused light will provide a warm and romantic atmosphere in your home. For an authentic Japanese design, uses small Buddha statues, stones and plants like bonsai and bamboo.