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How to turn your yard into a living room

In accordance with your home design and style, your living room can serve many excellent functions. If a poor economy means that your holidays have to wait, consider turning your yard into a possible destination. Relax at home and turn your yard into a living outdoors. Get on trend with comfortable outdoor seating and durable decorations. The entertainment is a breeze with more useful to enjoy your guests space.



Take a long walk around your yard to find the right place. If you already have a deck or patio, consider them for your outdoor room, but do not limit yourself. Consider other options before deciding. You can find a little cozy corner as the perfect place for a relaxing oasis.

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Study the patterns of the sun when selecting your room to the temperature and lighting are comfortable during the time you use your outdoor room. You can add outside lights at night anywhere you choose, but during the day you can not control the sunlight.


Observe the outdoor furniture that you already have and consider how to adapt to your new space. To follow the trend of creating a living outdoors, comfortable chairs outside board meeting. You do not need a matched set of outdoor furniture. Use what you have and what you need added slowly. When selecting outdoor furniture, consider the comfort and durability. Wicker furniture are now available and are more resistant to weathering addition to comfortable seating for the room. Also check out modular sofas outdoors. They can be assembled and disassembled to fit every purpose.


Decorate your outdoor room with plants and flowers. Do not spend much money on combining planters, pots and expensive plants. Fill any container you have with soil and place your hardier plants and multiply easily. Use your imagination when choosing pots. The easiest plants to maintain as the monkey grass, marigolds, petunias are good choices for the weather. Put some colorful plants of local gardening. Put the plants in the ground next to the furniture and the tables. Put them in groups to look.


Light up your outdoor room with a string of lights Christmas white or insect repellent candles or torches. If you have extra money, buy a fireplace or outdoor fireplace ceramic. Board the outdoor furniture to feel the benefit of light and atmosphere of the flames.