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How to make your home safe without installing an alarm

Safety in your home is a big problem facing many families today. For some reason, owners increasingly feel the need to close their doors, even in small towns picturesque country. But if you can afford the expensive alarm systems, you’ll wonder how you can ensure your home for your family to be quiet. Although no home is completely safe, there are certain things you can do to make the environment in which they live is safe without blowing the family budget. While some steps are a bit expensive, it’s worth the effort.

your home safe


Visit one hardware or store products for home security and buy stickers and signs indicating the presence of a security alarm. Place a sticker on at least one window in each face of the house.

If you have not yet, install a metal door or solid wood. These doors are stronger and stronger before intruders.

Make sure all doors leading to the outside or a garage with dead bolt locks. If you do not, you should install them immediately. If you have windows next to the front door, do not install the type of lock that has a knob to open and close the entry installs that require a key to open the lock.

For your doors are completely safe, must purchase and install a closing mechanism with a steel pole, horizontally on the door and passing through a slot in the top and bottom of the entry.

Get individual magnetic alerts in hardware . You can install them on the doors or windows and serve to alert when the entrance opens. Each individual is rest and not notify anyone outside of the house, but will let you know if you open an entry in the home.

If your home is a sliding glass door, buy a wooden pole, like those used on brooms, and cut to the same length as the door. Put it in the space behind the door will not open. Thus, if someone breaks the lock trying to enter, the door will not open.

Get a dog. While you have a budget to keep this pet, is an ideal addition to secure your home. The bigger the better, but keep in mind that not all families can accommodate a large dog in their homes. You should make sure to get a dog to bark fiercely, as this feature will scare off any intruders.