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Taking Pictures of Your Bedroom

The bedrooms are great for sleeping, but also result in great photographs. Photographers can take pictures of bedrooms for furniture stores, estate agents or hotels. Interior designers take pictures of bedrooms decorated themselves for portfolios. The bedroom is where people spend between a quarter and a third of their time, so it’s a room that promotes long. This guide will help you take great photos of bedrooms that will sting the interest of anyone.

Taking Pictures of Your Bedroom


Take pictures of the bed. The bed is usually the focal point of the bedroom. Make the bed before taking photographs. People would like to see a bed ready made. Make sure the sheets to work with the color of the walls to look like part of the room.

Take pictures of the place of the closet. Displays the width and height of cabinet opening their doors. If the cabinet does not contain clothes, go beyond the threshold and takes pictures of the cabinet structure.

Take pictures of the master bathroom. Capture relaxation taking pictures of the bathroom sink and lavatory combination or bathtub and shower. Take a picture of the bedroom from the bathroom. Get a partial view of the bathroom in this picture if you can.

Take pictures during the day with sunlight streaming into the room. If the bedroom has curtains, open them slightly. Sunlight creates a natural reflector bedroom. Ideally sunlight reach the bed at an angle. Take pictures of the opposite side of the sun for a good visual effect.

To create the illusion of space, space the bedroom furniture is a good choice. Arrange external furniture so as to provide the maximum possible floor space. Do not put anything against the walls that distract from the decoration of the walls and color. Stand in a corner of the room and take a picture of the whole room once all the furniture is in place. Take pictures of every corner to capture all angles.

Take pictures from the point of view of the bed. Lie on your bed like you’re watching TV or reading. Probably be in the center of the room, against a wall. Take pictures forward, on each side, and to the door of the room. Give your audience the point of view of what they see when they are in bed.

Taking pictures at night with the lights on. If there is a light rail in the bedroom, photograph the focal point of light rail. Hit the lights for effect slightly relaxed, bright enough to make your photos do not come out too dark.