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How to secure your apartment

The security for some apartment dwellers often considered dangerous. The crimes are easier to commit in apartment buildings because many people come and go, and it’s much harder to keep out nonresidents. And it is impossible to know who should and should not walk down the hall of an apartment building. While the apartments are prone to security flaws, there are options you can take in place of arm you or lock yourself in your apartment.

secure your apartment

Use common sense
It is advisable to take precautions to protect your TV, stereo, computer, money and your life. Your goal is to deter potential criminals from trying to enter your apartment, so you will want to remove all signs that ensure easy access. The most important step is to use common sense. For example, close the door when you leave. Do not leave the windows open all day. Do not hit little notes to your friends saying you left the door open for them.

There are two different situations for which you need to prepare: When you’re on vacation when you’re on vacation When you’re on vacation: 1. Always lock the doors and windows when you’re not home. Two. Never leave your door open (or unlocked) when only “go running to the corner store.” In the time it takes to run down the stairs to the laundry room, a stereo and CDs could be gone. Three. You may go into a crime in progress. If you suspect someone is in your apartment, do not go under any circumstances. Call the police immediately. April. Never “call anyone” or let anyone who does know. If that reparative or tenant who forgot the keys happens to be a thief, put at risk not only your safety, but also makes you the idiot in the thief left the building. So always away to a “restful” you did not call, and always insist on seeing identification and work order technician. If they can not show these items, send them back and call the police. May. Never leave a spare key anywhere outside of your apartment. Leave a spare with the goalkeeper (if you have one) or a next door neighbor. June. Do not write your full name on the nameplate near the front door of the building (if the building has these options). Instead, write well your last name and first initial, or just your name. This is especially important for women who live alone, they tend to be potential targets for criminals seeking women names and go there first. July. Do not be too flashy on expensive possessions. Remember, you want to minimize the appeal of your apartment. So do not go around telling everyone about your new toys, you never know who is listening. When you’re on vacation: 1. If you have any valuable possessions (jewelry faces, priceless art), take them with you or leave them a responsible friend (or in bank safe deposit box). Two. Install timers for lights and television to give the illusion of occupancy. These are inexpensive and available at any hardware store or supermarket. Three. Do not let your newspapers or mail pile up. Remember, criminals are observers. Get a trusted neighbor pick up your stuff for you. April. Just in case the unthinkable happens, take pictures and / or a list of valued possessions to give the police and the insurance company. Probably not going to see the TV again, but your insurance may cover the theft. May. The best idea: get a trusted friend to stay in your house for you.

Get sturdy locks
Although a thief will probably find a way to get to your apartment, if you really want and if you can break the lock in a few minutes or less, likely to give up and move on to another target. Doors: * Uses a sealing door, solid core wood or metal for all entries to your apartment. * Uses a heavy quality latch release pin with 1 inch (2.54 cm). * Uses a quality handle with heavy duty locking mechanism. * Use a lock plate quality heavy duty with screws 3 inches (7.61 cm) to penetrate the door frame wood. The lock plate is the part of the door that actually holds the lock in place, therefore, buy the strongest available and have a qualified independent locksmith to install it properly. * Use a peephole to 180 degree angle not exceeding 60 inches (152 cm). * If you have sliding doors, install a Charley bar, this is a bar that fits into the track and prevents the door from sliding. * Follow these recommendations lock for the rear doors, side or garage. Windows: The most important thing about security is to ensure that windows can not be opened from the outside, and are locked when you’re not at home. * Secure all accessible windows with secondary devices lock. * Blocks to accessible windows can not be opened more than 6 inches (15 cm) for ventilation. * Use the device anti-lift to prevent windows are lifted out. * If you live in a high crime area specially note the metal bars for added security. Just keep in mind that these are sometimes illegal, to a possible fire hazard.

Get some allies
“There is safety in numbers” is good advice when it comes to security. Become friends with two groups of people: local residents and security guards. Neighbors: In addition to collecting your mail and newspapers when you’re on vacation, your neighbors can keep an eye out for suspicious activity around your apartment and alert the police if they see something. And as we have said, is considering letting a trusted neighbor a key to your home so you can verify on a regular basis when you’re gone for a while. Finally, the more people you know in your building, the easier it will detect “visitors” suspects. So make an effort to meet people and learn a little about them. Not only will you make friends, but also form your own neighborhood watch. Security guards: If you have a security guard at your apartment, you should take full advantage of this. Get to know, if you do, it is much more likely to go to keep an eye on your place and monitor visitors to your apartment. It is also a good idea to advise the security guard to never let anyone who asks about you to your apartment. Finally, the security guard will know when you’re on vacation. Finally, if you have a security guard, plans to ask your neighbors to get one. You can raise the rent, but definitely worth it. Security guards not only help keep your apartment safe when you’re gone, but also allow you to feel safe walking in the building, and can sign any delivery when you’re not home to receive it.

Consider an alarm system
Get an alarm system is a privileged way to protect your apartment, especially since scares away burglars without anyone getting hurt. There are some caveats to keep in mind. There are two types of alarm systems: natural and electronic. Natural Alarms: First, let’s talk about the most natural alarm system (and some say more effective): a dog. If you want to get a dog purely for protection, it is your right. Just make sure to properly train him not to attack people unnecessarily. The bark is usually enough to keep people out. Electronic Alarms: If you decide to buy an electronic alarm system, buy an audible alarm and a silent alarm to alert police station. Remember that the purpose of it is to scare criminals, drawing attention to your apartment. If you decide to buy a security system, we recommend you stick to the major brands like Slomin Shield, Brinks and ADT for maximum reliability. They can be expensive, but also the cost of the system, you will pay monthly fees. You can get some more information about electronic alarm systems following the first link in “Additional Resources” below. If you decide to buy only the label that says your apartment has an alarm, and not all the alarm (some police officers say it is just as effective), visit hardware stores to see if they have stickers. If not, you can get some following the second “Additional Resources” below. Remember to put a sticker on each input, including windows.