Interior Decoration

Young, bright, functional room

As the smallest of the house grow, their needs also change. Therefore, when decorate a youth room, it is important to get a stay that brings peace, that causes positive moods and inciting game and study. To do this, we paint it bright and relaxing colors stay and create a spacious study area for the source of natural light. In addition, we will customize the new sliding doors of the cabinets with photo frames, shelves and place them will have a practical folding table intended for the game. Lets talk about bright and functional room.

functional room

Step by step to decorate a youthful, bright and functional room

Step 1
will transform a bedroom barely furnished room in a youth accordance with the needs of children who live there. To do this, we paint the walls in light colors, we will install new sliding doors in the closet and place it on the wall shelves. Finally, we will have a study area and a folding table reserved the game.

Step 2
The first step is to create the sliding doors. To calculate the extent of the boards, we will measure the width and length of the closet space and subtract 3 cm to the height necessary for the placement of the guides. To spot the sides ingrown nails, apply with a gun, mounting adhesive inside, and insert the board in hitting with a sledgehammer.

Step 3
will continue this task as cutting the upper and lower edges of the doors. We use a jigsaw. Finally, apply adhesive mounting profiles and place them with a sledgehammer hitting.

Step 4
The next step is to place the lower wheels. To do so, present the fittings on the door, and atornillaremos, first, the fitting to the timber. Once secured, we will fix the metallic part using a roscachapas screws. We will use for this task a screw.

Step 5
To get ready sliding doors, we only place the upper wheels on the boards. As with the lower, roscachapas screws need to drill the metal profile, and we will use, in the same way, of a screw.

Step 6
It’s time to customize the outer sliding door. To do this, we create a composition with different colored frames. Placing washers between the panel and frames allow us to change the photos at will. We will stick, first, the washers to the frames, and finally, will glue the washers to fix the door frames.

Step 7
The next step is to dress the back of the shelves. This time, we use plastic binding of various colors. Placing templates will draw on plastic shelves, will cut the pieces and we will post on shelves with adhesive.

Step 8
To place the sliding closet doors install guides. Present the lower guide and atornillaremos to the cabinet base. We will do the same process with the upper guide. We use a screw for this task.

Step 9
The next step is to create a composition on the wall with shelves. Start screwing two small squares inside each shelf, we will make the corresponding holes in the wall and introduce some tacos. Finally, we place the shelves on the wall fixing brackets with some screws.

Step 10
To separate the study area of the game, we will deploy a folding table. We introduce two automatic folding brackets on the wall with a pencil mark and will drill holes with a drill. Introduce tacos and we will fix the brackets by inserting the screws. Finally, we present the board on the brackets and atornillaremos these.

Step 11
A pull-out bed with large drawers at the bottom will increase the chances of storage and order. The combination of white and beige tones on walls, doors and bedding, expand the sense of space providing, in turn, light and quiet.