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Ideas for decorating a yellow kitchen

Many people start their day in the kitchen so that the atmosphere of the environment is one of vital importance. Yellow is a wise color choice for a kitchen because various shades of color are both energizing and soothing. Yellow offers great versatility in the kitchen as it is combined with various style options.

yellow kitchen


Country Kitchen
The color yellow is extremely suitable for country style kitchens. It gives life to the walls of a gentle environment, echoing the appearance of the sun. It is equally alive with regard to color white while providing color. Yellow kitchens look attractive style worn with white cabinets that include antique hardware as well as light shades of wood, such as oak or cedar. With this type of wood, the yellow highlights the warm touch in them, giving the whole atmosphere a golden appearance. Choose a tile backsplash that is a replica of styles antique tiles in yellow or a suitable color such as light blue. By alternative a copper backsplash gives a kitchen a more vintage. Place accessories like antique clocks, jars and signs as finishing touches of country style.

Tuscan style kitchen
Yellow is the color par excellence of a Tuscan style kitchen. Choose a medium shade of golden yellow sponge and place it on the wall to achieve texture. A stone floor is a must for this type of cuisine, so you can place a layer of stone or tile over existing floors whole. Make echoed these stone tones in your dashboard except the use of a variety of colors, introducing elements of green and red. Let the stones create a mural depicting some culinary delight. Paint your colors a bright color like red, blue or green. The stone counter tops are absolutely essential: select granite, slate or Travertine. The final touches on the environment are copper and pewter pots and racks to give the kitchen a vintage style but colorful.

Modern Kitchen
The Electric lemon yellow is completely appropriate for a modern kitchen. Paint the walls with this color or leave them white and paint all the cupboards and cabinets this bright shade. This vivid yellow looks perfect with polished steel and chrome and equally dramatic with black and white. Because this shade of yellow color is so powerful, you should not introduce many colors beyond black, white and silver in your modern kitchen otherwise the result will be overwhelming. Beyond that, you can complete the decoration freely: select any furniture or accessories that you like as long as you stay within these colors and have contemporary design.