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Wooden furniture and vegetable fibers

This wooden furniture design with oriental inspired rattan is and its functionality greater than that of conventional furniture, despite its straight lines and simple. ‘s support and high sides make screens, can be defined in the environment sector and create a sense of privacy as an armchair or sofa derash a screen. To review furniture follow this link for a list of postings sorted on home furnishings.

Functional wood and rattan furniture
You can combine this furniture each sectors creating or using them to give sophistication to your environment. There are common and much of the manufacturing work is handmade, that makes them special.

Wood furniture

The screen of the same style serves to separate, decorate and create climate for the warmth of materials: Lampakanai, abaca and rattan in a wooden frame. Colours: natural walnut and dark mahogany.

Wooden and rattan folding screen
Design, tradition and type of materials in a wooden cabinet is a decorative piece while serving as chair or sofa. There are a number of models with this concept and the website can find other design lines.

Armchair with room divider
The same design without the raised cabinet makes a very elegant wood and fibers, light and beautiful.

Large wooden couch and vegetable fibers
Note that this type of wood furniture is hand-worked fibers in high degree, its production generates and sustains jobs, helps preserve traditions, skills and people working with dignity, well fed. Back of an object always look for a human being and then think of the common good.

Task handmade vegetable fibers

Eco furniture . With the fight against global warming, pollution and reducing our forests, ecological lifestyle is seen as responsible solution. This is the reason that organic furniture are growing in popularity. It seems inevitable that green homes become mainstream in the future. The eco-friendly furniture, such as chairs, tables and sofas green can help make your home more environmentally friendly.

Furniture Why do we need green? Scientists estimate that half of the world’s tropical forests have been cleared in the past 50 years , and could be only a fifth of tropical forests by 2030. Tropical forests are vital to reduce pollution and global warming, it is essential that we find ways of sustainable production and consumption. And this applies also to the furniture in our house. ecological furniture are made ​​of recyclable materials or from sustainable sources. They are made ​​with recyclable parts, that means it can be easily disassembled and reused. Eco wood furniture, such as chairs and beds are made ​​with wood from environmentally managed forests.

Environmental impact is minimized ecological furniture with local material sources, because it reduces carbon emissions from transport to workshop, compared to the pollution generated by transport aircraft and ships that travel across the seas, far from source material. ecological furniture are durable . Nowadays a lot of cheap furniture are mass produced and not are designed to last. Unfortunately leads to unwanted furniture are discarded in our already overloaded landfills. ecological furniture, however, are designed to be durable and easy to repair.

It’s something that used to last much longer than conventional mass-produced furniture. Investing in changing ecological furniture is a smart and economical in the medium and long term. stylish and comfortable furniture . Choose eco-friendly option and make your own home a greener does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort or style . The ecological furniture today is so luxurious, comfortable and attractive as any conventional item of furniture. In fact, a bed farming can provide a greater sense of comfort if you know that has helped reduce pollution, save trees and take care of the planet. This blog is a collection of postings about unique furniture, so you can review other wooden furniture and more. Follow the links below.