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Organizational ideas for wood cabinets

The wood closet organizers can be found as complete systems for closets or small removable drives to store a wide range of accessories . The designers installed cabinets for every closet systems that keep all your clothes and accessories in the right way for your lifestyle. Install your own simple system wooden system will help you save money and make changes in your wardrobe in your spare time.

ideas for wood cabinets


Closet System Red Mahogany
Made of hard wood, solid mahogany closet system deluxe red 16 inches (40 cm) fits Kohn Louis Home shelf space of 22 feet (6 m) and a space to hang up to 16 feet ( 4.8 m) and multiple configuration options. A convenient alternative to complete enclosure system, this product is designed for cabinets and dressers powerful with its 16-inch (40 cm) deep shelves. 

Wooden shelves trouser
This pants rack is an excellent choice to organize the clothes in the closet or near the dressing area. With 12 bars slip cushioned, your pants can be kept sorted, organized and off the floor of the closet. A lower shelf can be used to hold belts and accessories , while the sides of the rack can store four pairs of shoes.

System locker organizer
The locker organizer system made ​​by Solid Wood Closets includes complete panels and modular so it can be customized for maximum utilization of space in most areas. The system can enter a closet space up to 10 feet (3 m) wide but can be extended with an additional tower or optional upper racks, and also be reduced in size by cutting one of the upper shelves including the desired length.


Shelf shoe organizer
Hide your shoes organizer seen in this shoe rack cherry wood two levels. You can put about 24 pairs of shoes in this shelf depending on the style of the shoe. With two levels available, this shoe rack saves space in your closet bending sapping a hidden drawer space. The unit is installed inside the wall to keep from falling.