Why you should hire a public adjuster for your hurricane damage insurance

Hurricane damage is the most severe type of home damage in Weston due to hurricanes’ unpredictable and chaotic nature. Depending on how intense the storm is, your home may receive the following damage:

  • Missing shingles or tiles
  • Shattered windows
  • Broken garage door
  • Toppled wall
  • Damaged outside furniture
  • Water damage and roof damage

When your home receives hurricane damage, you’ll need to start the repairs soon. The repair expenses are substantial, though, and your financial situation may be too insecure to support them. In this case, a hurricane damage public adjuster can file a hurricane damage claim for you! Your insurance company can cover your hurricane damage if you file a claim. Why pay for the repairs from your own pockets when you can convince your insurer to do it instead?

Why can’t I file the hurricane damage claim myself?

While you can file the claim yourself, we don’t recommend that. The claim procedures require an authorized expert to assess your damage and estimate your losses. If you don’t hire a Weston public adjuster to do that, the insurance company will. Therein lies the problem! The insurance public adjuster works for the insurance company to defend the company’s best interest. This means underpaying or denying your claim. You can’t prevent the insurance public adjuster from undervaluing your claim or wrongfully assessing your damage.

The only way you can fight off this injustice is by hiring a professional public adjuster in Weston like ProFloridian. Independent public adjusting companies work for policyholders to obtain maximum compensation for their losses. When you hire a PA to file your hurricane damage claim in Weston, you can expect reasonable compensation. The public adjuster will assess your damage in great detail and bring evidence to prove your losses. The initiative lies with you since the insurance public adjuster can’t dishonestly undervalue your claim.

Are public adjusters expensive to hire?

When your home in Weston goes through a hurricane and receives severe damage, you need to begin repairs immediately. The last thing you need is another expense in the form of a public adjuster’s fee. Fortunately, independent public adjusters don’t have upfront fees. You won’t pay a dime until you obtain a settlement from the insurance company. The public adjuster’s fee is a percentage from the insurance settlement, so you don’t have to worry about extra expenses.

Public adjusters understand your situation best! They know what hurricane damage entails and how to assess it. Moreover, they can correlate your losses with various types of hurricane damage. Without a public adjuster to guide you through the claim proceedings, obtaining a fair settlement from your insurer would be tricky. Let alone receiving reasonable compensation, your insurance company could deny your claim outright.

Public adjusters are efficient and detailed

The insurance public adjuster doesn’t work for you, so they’ll try to undervalue your claim. You can’t do the damage assessment yourself because you’re not an expert. The only other person authorized to a damage assessment is an independent public adjuster. Hiring one would guarantee the maximum compensation for your incurred hurricane losses. A public adjuster’s best interest is serving your best interest since their fee depends on obtaining a settlement for you.

If they don’t obtain compensation for you, they don’t get any money. There’s no greater incentive than this. Moreover, public adjusters are efficient and detailed when assessing your damage. They won’t overlook anything when estimating your losses and providing evidence to support your claim. That’s because a mistake could cost them their fee. Hurricane damage is difficult to assess, given the chaotic nature of a hurricane. Public adjusters are in their element assessing difficult property damage!