Why White Shaker Cabinets are Perfect for Your Scottsdale Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen cabinets in Scottsdale, there are a number of different selections to choose from. The professionals are able to help their clients sort through all of the options, letting them know more about their best choices. While there is a wide range of kitchen cabinets that will appeal to a home or business owner, there is one primary objective in these instances.

The last thing that any home or business owner wants is to choose cabinets that are bound to go out of style later on. That’s where white shaker cabinets come into play. These cabinets are perfect for a Scottsdale kitchen, as they allow a home to look fresh for a longer period of time. To learn more about these cabinets and how they will benefit any home or business, check out the following guide.

What Are White Shaker Cabinets?

These cabinets have been in existence ever since the 1700s, as they were first introduced to American kitchens by the Shaker community. The classic look has allowed these cabinets to remain popular in the present day, for very good reason. Maple, pine, and chestnut are used to craft these cabinets, which are all strong woods. The five-piece doors and recessed center panels allow these cabinets to truly stand out as well.

Their durability and their affordability are great selling points, but the simplicity stands out most of all. Since there are so many kitchen designs that need to be considered, it is important to choose cabinets that can fit in with any home or business. Whether the kitchen is transitional, modern, or transitional, these styles are all easily complemented with white shaker cabinets. This is not the only reason why white shaker cabinets are commonly chosen, though.

Can Be Used In Other Rooms

White shaker cabinets are great for the kitchen, but they are also chosen for other rooms in the home as well, creating a more unified motif. In fact, these cabinets are now being used in laundry rooms and bathrooms on a far more regular basis. They look wonderful in any number of rooms in the house and do not have to be limited to kitchen usage. For those who are considering a resale any time soon, this is something to bear in mind.

The white cabinets provide a clean, stylish look that allows the complementary features to truly shine through. Even if the homeowner is looking to offer up a more colorful set of complements, they are still able to enjoy the clean and stylish appearance that white shaker cabinets have to offer.

Enhanced Versatility

Once these cabinets have been installed, there are plenty of options available to Scottsdale home and business owners. The simplicity of design and construction allows for any number of enhancements that are sure to add depth and character. For example, those who are in search of other materials and styles can easily mimic these choices with the usage of white shaker cabinets.

This is especially useful for home and business owners that would like the cabinets to resemble different materials, such as metal. Meanwhile, those who seek a rustic appearance can add some distressed finishes with ease. Hardware and plumbing fixtures can also be chosen to match the cabinets, leading to far more intriguing choices than other styles of cabinets can provide.


Kitchen renovations are a costly and time-consuming project. In other words, it is not something that a home or business owner is going to want to embark on every year just because they want to make relatively minor changes. That’s why timelessness is always key. Home and business owners that find themselves chasing the trends of the moment are not always going to be satisfied with the long-term results of their decisions. White shaker cabinets are a great way to eliminate these concerns.

Even cabinets that were chosen decades ago will still look every bit as sharp and clean as their more modern counterparts. Since these cabinets are typically made out of wood, this heavily contributes to the timeless appearance. The styling is simple, and the trim comes with minimal additional adornment. These are the elements that allow the cabinets to successfully transcend all of the latest trends.

Modern Design Principles

When speaking with the professionals, it can be tough to zero in on the best option. In some instances, the timelessness of the cabinets can actually detract from all of the modern design principles that are in play here. The clean simplicity that has been discussed throughout the guide is a major factor here. Let’s say that the home or business owner is looking for cabinets that are able to pair well with stainless steel appliances. White shaker cabinets are one of the best choices.

Homes with modern artwork will also benefit from these cabinets, as well as any kitchen with unique accent work. Modern cabinet design can be too stark for many clients and that’s why these cabinets are a wonderful way to split that difference. The structure and trim design ensure that the white shaker cabinet will be a great addition to any modern kitchen without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Easy Maintenance

Planning to sell the home? No potential buyer wants to deal with a kitchen that will probably end up needing to be gutted before too long. White shaker cabinets serve as their own blank canvas, giving homeowners the chance to dress up the room as they see fit. To the average buyer, the kitchen is the most important aspect of the purchase, and this cannot be neglected.

That’s why those who are in search of kitchen cabinets in Scottsdale will always speak with the professionals to find out more about maintenance concerns. Yes, the experts can guide their clients through the installation process but with the easy maintenance that is associated with white shaker cabinets. It is easy to see why so many home and business owners are turning to them.