Why Should You Start Gambling in 2021

Gambling has come a long way and more and more people have embraced it and are making a living out of it. Actually, it is reported that over 1.5 billion people are engaged in gambling yearly. Gambling is wide, just like sports, there are many types of gambling. Some of the most popular gambling activities are sports betting, casino-style card games, online slot games, dice games, Bingo, Lottery, raffle tickets among others. Gambling is not everyone’s cup of tea as some term gambling as sinful. However, there are gambling enthusiasts who swear by it. Whatever your reservations are when it comes to gambling, you must acknowledge that it is beneficial to those who engage in it. Let’s look at why you should join them in 2021.

Gambling contributes to the local economy

Whether you win or lose, the local economy gains from gambling. How? You might ask. Let’s look at casinos. Even when you play free spins slots online or card games in legal authorised casinos, you contribute to a business that pays taxes. People flock the casinos to watch the gamblers do their thing and that means that they will make purchases or pay for services while at the casino. Foreigners who will be there will need hotel accommodation. The casinos, hire staff, and contract vendors. All these bring in money to the local community thus stimulating their economy.

Many African countries such as Kenya and Ghana and some of the states in the U.S have legalized commercial gambling as they have seen that it is a tool to propel their economic growth. The key areas that gambling has been beneficial to in these countries have been in employment and on tax revenue both in the local and national governments.

Form of entertainment

Actually, when gambling started it was more a form of entertainment than it was a source of income. If you are looking for a competitive, high adrenaline form of entertainment, just try gambling. The feeling is so satisfying, of course when you win. If you lose, don’t sweat it. You still had fun while it lasted.

When gambling as a form of entertainment, make sure you gamble money that you can afford to lose. Count it as having spent it to entertain yourself. With a group of friends or family, you can organize gambling games at home to bring even more excitement. In 2021 when we spend most of the time home the idea of gambling at home on sites such as Wooricasino seems even better. But be careful not to spend your whole quarantine playing casino games.

According to a global public opinion and data company YouGov research from 7 May of last year, people who gambled in the past month were more likely than average people to:

  • Spend more money online on entertainment (gamblers – 17%, all adults – 12%)
  • Consume more on-demand entertainment (gamblers – 50%, all adults – 39%)
  • Watch TV more (gamblers – 56%, all adults – 43%)

As YouGov also stated, during quarantine, people search for online entertainment more than usual. However, only 0.2% of all adults surveyed by the Gambling Commission stated that they had started gambling first time during the last month according to YouGov research.

Instant Richness

Your wish to get instant richness may just be in gambling. Who knows? The odds are always 50/50. Sure it does need a lot of skill mastering to win in gambling and most definitely quite a large number of losses but you know what, people actually do win large sums of money. It is a case of feast or famine. But once you master the skills, you will eat the life with a big spoon I can guarantee you.

The largest megabucks jackpot in history was won by Cynthia Jay on her ninth pull in the year 2000. It was a statewide lottery that had been rolling over for some time with an award of $34,959,458.56. Cynthia Jay was just a waitress at the Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas. You can imagine the joy she felt. Unfortunately, though, she was involved in a grisly accident that left her in the wheelchair unable to do anything for herself two weeks after her wedding. There have been so many other mega-winners who have had their lives completely changed by instant wealth.

Gambling is a mind game

Gambling is a mind game

As a mind game, gambling exercises your brain. To be a good gambler, you must be witty. You use your brain more than you use anything else. You must observe and strategize. Just like medicine, gambling can be dangerous when done in excess. It would be unethical not to advise you of the harm of over-engaging yourself in gambling.

One is that you can gamble yourself to brokenness if you are not careful

I tend to believe that people who are greedy are the ones who gamble on all their money. It is actually a bit of great advice to gamble on what you don’t fear losing. I have seen people gamble with their rent money. Imagine losing your rent money and you have nowhere to get the money from. What are you supposed to tell your landlord? Why subject yourself to such unnecessary stress.

Gambling can turn out to be a very costly addiction

Like alcohol and drugs, it starts out as a form of entertainment then gradually proceeds to addiction. You can imagine spending money every day to quench your gambling addiction. It is not only costly to you but also to those around you. Gambling addiction comes with a host of other implications. You can lose your entire savings and even your assets on gambling. Gambling addicts end up breaking their marriages and families because of the financial debts. Some of them have lost their jobs and their careers because of gambling. Just like every addiction, gambling addiction needs to be seriously addressed because it can get out of hand completely. If you suspect you are addicted, seek help. People get checked in to rehab for gambling addiction.

Gambling can cause anxiety and stress

This is obvious as you get anxious a lot during the games and even after. This can cause problems in sleeping and other health problems. The stress of thinking about where to get the money for gambling and the debt accrued as a result of gambling will also put your health down. A high rate of gamblers has been reported to commit suicide as a result of depression. Their depression is obviously caused by their financial constraints and mounting debts.

In conclusion

Gambling itself is good for fun. If taken just like every other game and done in moderation then you should not be worried about being addicted or facing financial woes. When you go for gambling have your friends with you or be with anyone who can keep you in check. It can be very easy to get carried away. Gambling is a game controlled mostly by ego but you should not allow your ego to push you to the extreme. It is okay to win and walk away.