Why Should I Invest in Triple Glazed Windows?

Triple glazed windows have been around a few years, but they’re still considered as a relatively new concept. They’re a lot less known than double glazing which has taken the world by storm. But, in some countries, triple glazing has become an absolute necessity due to adverse weather conditions. While the UK may not get the same adverse weather, we still suffer some pretty bad winters, especially in the North and Scotland. So, during this article, we’re going to explain why it’s worth investing in triple glazed windows. 

What is Triple Glazing?

Triple glazing is exactly what the name suggests. It’s made from three glass panels which 2 are filled with a special type of insulating gas. All 3 panes of glass are encased in a tightly sealed frame so that the entire unit functions as a whole. Because of its insulation abilities, triple glazing is ideal in areas that get adverse weather as it can help keep homes warm and reduce noise. 

Over the last 2 years, triple glazing has become increasingly popular because it makes it easier for homeowners to protect themselves. They’re also convenient and work the same way as any other window. For example, window restrictors, security bars, and protective film can still be added to protect your home further. 

The Benefits of Triple Glazed Windows

Now let’s take a look at what the benefits of triple glazed windows are and why they’re an investment worth making. 

Enhanced Heat Insulation

Outside heat can enter your home through weak points or ineffective insulation. This can make it difficult to regulate how warm your home is. But, with triple glazed windows, you can avoid this inconvenience. These windows are tightly sealed and can reduce heat from coming in and leaking out of your home. This makes triple glazing extremely beneficial and can also save you a good amount of money on your heating bill.

Reduced Drafts

As your windows get older, they’ll deteriorate and develop leaks which can cause unwanted drafts. making it difficult to regulate the temperature of your home. However, if you invest in triple glazed windows, this won’t be an issue as they’re properly sealed. With 3 panes of glass, triple glazing stands the test of time and doesn’t deteriorate as quickly as other windows. Most homeowners will get 30 years out of their investment. 

Lower Outside Noise

Unwanted noise can be one of the most annoying parts of being a homeowner, especially when you’re trying to get some rest at night. If your home is not thoroughly insulated or glazed, your windows will be letting in a lot of noise. The good news is that this can be prevented by investing in triple glazing. 

Less Condensation

Triple glazing greatly reduces the amount of condensation building up on your windows. Because triple glazed windows have 3 air pockets, the difference between the outside temperature and your home is much lower, which will leave your windows nice and dry. 

Better Home Security 

3 panes of glass rather than 1 or 2 means your home will be much safer and secure against criminals. Often, homes get burgled because the windows are not secure and often the weakest points. But, with triple glazed windows, the threat of your home being robbed is greatly reduced. Triple glazing offers an extra element of security because it’s ridiculously hard to break or shatter even with brute force. 

Added Property Value

When you take into account the benefits that triple glazed windows come with, your property is likely to have added some value once it comes to selling. A well-insulated and secure home that has lower heating bills will appeal to any potential buyer.

Triple Glazing Is An Investment Worth Making

As you can see, investing in triple glazing is definitely a wise move. Your home will be more secure, have better insulation and be a lot quieter. Triple glazing isn’t cheap and is a lot more expensive than double glazing, but it’s certainly an investment worth making to keep your home a comfortable place to live for years to come.