Why Have a Pre-Purchase Drain Survey

People often do roof inspections, electrical testing, central heating checks, and plumbing surveys before buying a property. One assessment they overlook is the pre-purchase drain survey.

A pre-purchase drain survey can save you from many issues. You won’t spend a lot of money fixing drainage problems that may not have been noticeable from above ground or a visual inspection. Also, CCTV Drain Surveys London finds the accurate problem in your drainage system that helps to manage your water leakage.

What Is a Pre-Purchase Drain Survey?

A pre-purchase drain survey is an inspection of a property’s drainage system before the sale. It helps buyers identify issues and have them fixed before they complete the acquisition.

You can identify various issues with a pre-purchase drain survey.

  • Cracked pipes
  • Blocked drains
  • Root damage
  • Leaky pipework
  • And more

Surveys take a short time. The specialist passes a CCTV drainage inspection camera into the property’s drainage system and views the drainage system interior in real-time, identifying potential problems. You can get a DVD or computer recording that you can use.

Expect the following from a pre-purchase drainage survey:

  1. Establish the drainage system’s condition
  2. An extensive report on the findings
  3. Receive expert insights
  4. Purchase with confidence after the inspection
  5. Use of high tech tools
  6. Faster conclusion of the sale
  7. A drainage specialist on site

Benefits of a Pre-Purchase Drain Survey

Enjoy these benefits of a pre-purchase drainage inspection.

  • Report: You get a comprehensive account of the status of the property’s drainage system. Use it to get the sale over the line.
  • Drainage system responsibility: The inspection’s findings ascertain the drainage system responsibilities of various stakeholders around the property. This understanding can be helpful when there is a drainage problem with neighbours and other parties.
  • Drain mapping: You can get a map of the property’s drainage system. Use the layout in case you need urgent interventions after a drainage problem. You may also need it when selling the property in the future.
  • Detailed reporting: You may get videos and images of the drainage system. Refer to the details when selling or buying the property. The specialists can also use them to explain drainage issues and show you where remedial work is necessary.
  • Uncover damaged connections: You may buy property without knowing drainage issues that cause you problems in the future. For example, it may need expensive repairs or make occupying the home dangerous. A pre-purchase drain survey helps you factor drainage issues into your decision to buy a property. You can ask the seller to fix them before you complete the sale.

Reasons To Have a Pre-Purchase Drain Survey

You need a pre-purchase drain inspection for these reasons.

  • Identify and fix drainage issues before completing the sale.
  • Your mortgage provider may need it.
  • Your insurer may need it.
  • It can inform your final decision on whether to buy a property.
  • You may save money by avoiding expensive repairs that the seller should do before selling.
  • It can uncover drainage issues that you can’t see from the outside.

A pre-purchase drain survey can help you identify drainage issues, save money, and know areas that need intervention. You can do it to avoid problems, such as blocked drains, and expensive repairs.