Why Driveway Replacement is Best for Driveway Repairs

Driveways can add to a home’s appeal, especially for those who own multiple cars coming in and out of your property. However, they can be very expensive to maintain. 

Driveways can get damaged easily due to constant use and exposure to different weather conditions. Some homeowners opt to patch their driveways to reduce costs; but, while it is cheaper to patch it, there is no guarantee it will last for a long time. 

Common Driveway Damages and their Causes

Driveways get damaged everyday from constant temperature and weather changes, which weakens the material used to create it. Aside from the weather, your vehicles are also damaging it each time it drives over the pathway everyday. 

The damage will appear slowly as small cracks or divots. While they are not noticeable at first, the cracks can grow significantly over time. 

Why does age and materials matter in driveway repairs

When you see any damage in your driveway, you will need to decide whether you should patch it, resurface it, or replace it all together. 

The major factor you have to consider when repairing your driveway is its age. If it is already 20 years old and up, it is recommended that you replace the driveway completely. As years pass by, the material will lose its strength and crumble. While you can patch up the driveway, other problems will occur in the long run and the repair bills will just increase. 

Materials also matter when repairing driveways. Some materials last longer even in severe weather conditions, while others are cost friendly. When considering materials for driveways, it must be affordable and durable so that your driveway can last for a long time. 

Pros and Cons of Driveway Patching

Driveway patching is the common way for many homeowners to keep their driveways usable for a fraction of the cost. Liquid fillers and other patching materials can be used to repair cracks. 

If the cracks are only a quarter-inch wide, the damage is not very deep and can be repaired with liquid fillers. Larger and deeper cracks will require more patching material to keep the driveway leveled.

While patching can cover the damaged areas, they are temporary because water can still seep into the fillers and get into the driveway’s foundations. It will also look distracting to look at because of the different material used to fill up the cracks. 

Patching will also cost a lot depending on how much cracks you will work on and it usually starts around $3 per square foot. If the holes are too deep and numerous, you will need to get everything replaced.  To know the best improvement for your driveway, you may ask for assistance from the professional san diego driveway pavers

Pros and Cons of Driveway Resurfacing

When you do drive resurfacing, you will just cover the top layer of your current driveway and put a new surface to make it look brand new. Since you are replacing only half of the driveway, you will be able to save a lot of money in the process. Prices start around $2 per square foot for a small driveway and increase to $8 or more if you have a larger or longer driveway. Adding new colors or patterns will also increase its price. 

While the driveway will look like it is brand new, there are some setbacks to this method. First, the new surface may get damaged easily if the foundation has problems. The foundation may suddenly crack through time and damage the new surface completely. There is also the fact you will still spend a lot of money resurfacing your whole driveway even if the damage is partial. You will have to do the whole driveway to keep things evenly. Only doing one part will cause it to be uneven to drive into and look at. 

Why Should You Consider Driveway Replacement

However, if you do driveway replacement, it opens a lot of opportunities for you and your home. First, you can use the opportunity to change the look of your home by upgrading and using the best paving material for driveway. Some may want this option if they do not want to do a full makeover of their home and only want an exterior upgrade to be done. 

Second, having a new driveway will improve the value of a house if you are trying to sell it. If buyers see that your driveway is filled with cracks and potholes, it will turn them off from buying your home even if it looks pretty. 

Finally, it is also best to get your driveways replaced to prevent further problems from happening in your driveway. While patching or resurfacing can fill up these cracks, they are temporary solutions and you are only fixing the problem partially. With replacement, you will be able to see if there is a problem in the driveway’s foundations and get rid of it before it becomes a large issue. 

Driveways are an important part of every home and if you have one, you should do your best to maintain it. While it may be a simple surface where your cars drive on every day, its condition can influence how people think about your dedication in keeping your property in order. When you see damage on it, don’t stick to temporary solutions. Get it replaced immediately to prevent further damage in ruining your driveway completely.

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