Why a Detached Garage is Great

When cars became popularly used in the United States, people usually keep them in the open or in some form of carriage houses, which were adapted for the horseless carriage. But after years of struggling to find space for the car, people have decided that having a garage built on their property is a great idea.

Having a garage at home is really helpful. Aside from keeping your car and other household items safe, it can also add value to your home, making it a great investment. But the problem does not end with deciding to have a garage built in your property. It’s because the next decision you have to make is choosing whether you need an attached or detached garage.

A lot of people may think that an attached garage is the best option because of the convenience you can get from it. But did you know that a detached garage also comes with many benefits? If you are thinking of having a detached garage built in your property, but you’re not yet fully decided, we are here to help you. Today, we are giving you some of the reasons why a detached garage is great.

A Detached Garage is Easier to Add

An attached garage can be more complicated to add to your home compared to a detached one. It’s because it can be limited for an attached garage on where you can place itsince it needs to be connected to your house. You will also be limited to the design and size of the garages to blend it well with the current structure.

When you choose to add a detached garage to your property, you can add the one that you’ve always wanted to have. You do not need to factor in how it works as a home extension because you can place it anywhere on your property.

A Detached Garage Will Give You Potential Expansion Options

When you choose a detached garage, it will be easier for you to eventually expand it, unlike attached garages that have limited spaces. Detached garages are also usually placed on a more isolated plot of land, making it easy for you to make it bigger, add an office, or maybe a studio, or a pool house to it in the future.

Detached Garages Can Give You an Increased Fire Safety

Many people choose detached garages because of their increased fire safety. It’s because with an attached garage, in case of a fire breakout in the garage, the fire can spread out easily in your home and vice versa. But with a detached garage, there’s a fire risk reduction between your home and your garage. It can help in minimizing any potential damage.

Detached Garages Can Give You a Breath of Fresh Air

If you live in an area that has a moderate climate, then you might enjoy a short walk through a nicely landscaped path from your car going to your house. Detached garages can offer you quiet and solitude from your everyday activities at home. This is also great if your garage serves as an office or a workshop because it can keep noise, odors, and fire hazards separate from your main house.

Also, most homes that seek certification for environmental building practices usually receive green points for detached garages. It’s because when you have a detached garage, it separates the toxic fumes of cars from getting into your house.

Detached Garages Can Be Converted into Different Spaces Easily

Another great thing about having a detached garage at home is that you can turn the space into any kind of room you want. Here are some of the best-detached garage conversions you can do:

  • Convert a detached garage into a home office: If you have a detached garage and you no longer use it that much, you can turn it into a home office instead. Since home offices are best located away from the main living space, a detached garage can be very useful. To make it a welcoming space for an office, you need plenty of natural daylight. But you also need some good blinds if your detached garage is facing southwards, to make sure that heating is sufficient.
  • Convert a detached garage into a playroom:If you have kids at home, you can convert your detached garage into a playroom that will suit kids of any age. You can put all of their toys in here, instead of seeing them cluttered inside your house. You can also include a television here to keep the kids more entertained. If you are turning your detached garage into a playroom for your kids, make sure that it has good daylight, ventilation, and lots of practical storage. Also, keep in mind that kids grow up fast. This means that you also need to think of the future use of the room, as well.
  • Convert a detached garage into a gym: A detached garage can also be turned into a gym or space where you can do your workouts and yoga sessions. If you will be converting it into a gym or workout space, you need to install air conditioning to it, or a window that you can open to let the fresh air in. You can also add a flatscreen TV and mirrors to make it feel like a real gym. You can also install a shower space at the back of the garage.
  • Convert your detached garage into a home cinema:If you need a more comfortable space where you can enjoy your 75-inch television, then you can turn your detached garage into a home cinema. You can create a cozy cinema at home by installing speakers on the walls and placing comfortable reclining chairs in the room. It’s like having your own private and luxurious cinema in the comfort of your own home.
  • Convert your detached garage into a gaming room: If you’re into video games, then your detached garage is the perfect space that you can turn into your gaming room or man cave. You can transfer all of your gaming consoles there, including your XBOX, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and more. You can also decorate it with lots of gaming-inspired figures and posters to make the room look more fun. Put comfortable beanbags and gaming chairs there, too, for a cozier gaming experience. It is a place where you can play your favorite games, undisturbed.

These are some of the best reasons why a detached garage is great. Detached and attached garages each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The one you should choose is what will best fit the layout of your property, and of course, your needs. We hope the information we shared will help you in deciding whether to have a detached or attached garage in your home.