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Completing a white wall in the living room

A large white wall space is not just a wasted space, can also make the room feel cold and unwelcoming (the exact opposite of how it should feel a living room). Fill this space instantly transform your room . Consider the space, the size of your wall art and group these elements to fill the space. You can even make your own wall work to ensure you have an item totally unique decoration.


Displays a collection of photographs in frames. Create a modern style and sleek using identical frames placed in a long line to create the effect of a barral photos unseen . For a more eclectic and fun effect, board a collection of frames in different shapes and sizes and place them in random groups on the wall.

white wall

Framed posters with pictures of buildings and grounds taken from magazines. Another alternative is to hang framed drawings or paintings to brighten the space and create visual interest.
Small box or a floating wall shelves at different heights. Place a single item on each shelf. From small potted plants to individual figurines or artificial single flower in a vase, choose something that complements the rest of the decor in the room.

Displays a collection of masks. Carved African masks create an ethnic and cosmopolitan feeling. Dance masks offer an elegant style and sophisticated feeling.

Groups a collection of mirrors of different sizes and shapes on the wall. This will create a feeling of light and space, and place some beautiful objects on the opposite wall ensure a pleasant reflection in the mirrors.

Use wall tiles to create an interesting piece of modern art. Places four tiles together in groups of square shapes on the wall or scatter them in a less uniform manner. The different tiles finish compared to the wall creates a textured feel.

Sample antique plates on the wall. If you have a collection of interesting dishes to show detail on the wall, looking for flat plates at a flea market or garage shops and paint them yourself.

Shows old records or record covers for a slightly retro style. Again, if you have no disk, looking for business secondhand.

Join a curtain barral a good top of the wall and hanging from the same cloth, like curtains. Depending on the length of the wall, using multiple barrales with a space of about 12 inches (30 cm) between each game to create a fabric wall panels.

Make a full wall mural self adhesive to cover the entire wall and transform the entire feeling of the environment. Alternatively you can use a smaller mural, like vines, to one side of the wall, a design that allows you to implement some other ideas in the rest of the wall.

Create your own custom artwork to simple random patterns painting on a large canvas. On large walls, using two or three pieces of framed paintings and design spread all over the wall.