Where to Find Commercial Bathroom Stalls

Do you own a commercial building? Are you currently renovating or building new bathrooms? Have you purchased commercial bathroom stalls to install in your building? If you say yes to all, then you are in for a long and confusing endeavor. Installing public access commercial bathroom stalls is a feat in itself, it requires a lot of planning and the actual man-hours involved in constructing it is actually quite long and coupled with that is the aesthetics of the bathrooms and the color, design, and materials that you have to choose. Without professional help, this could easily turn into a nightmare and it would cost you more than you would have anticipated. Thus, in order to help you achieve a seamless look on your bathroom stalls, and keep the expenses on budget, you need professional suppliers and installers for this. Moreover, there are a number of building code regulations and policies involved in the construction of bathrooms that doing this on your own would be problematic and daunting, it is best to get the help of an expert and consult them for the kind of bathroom stalls to install and where to purchase it from. 

What Are Commercial Bathroom Stalls? 

Commercial bathroom stalls are simply the stalls that separate each cubicle inside the building’s bathroom. It is usually for public use and access and on each building floor, two bathrooms are required by the building code, one for each gender. The stalls offer a sense of privacy as clients and tenants use the bathroom for their personal needs and call of nature. The stalls should be able to blend in with the design of the building, and yet be durable, sanitary, and pleasing to the eye. One of the worst experiences one could have in a commercial building is an old and dilapidated and dirty bathroom. Thus, in order to avoid this from happening to your building’s bathroom, you need to invest in high-quality bathroom stalls that will last for a long time without looking worn out. The bathroom stalls you choose will be an important factor in determining how soon you need to renovate or replace your bathroom stalls in the future and the kind of maintenance it needs. Besides, it would be too costly if you need to change bathroom stalls every year or two. There is a way to make sure that you do not make this mistake, and that is to seek the help of professional builders and planners. 

What Are the Kinds of Commercial Bathroom Stalls? 

There are basically three kinds of commercial bathroom stalls, metal, plastic laminate, and phenolic. Each one has its own strengths and limitations; the best choice would depend on your specific needs and ability to maintain the facilities. Steel stalls and metallic doors are the top choices for durability, it is long-wearing and will keep looking shiny and clean and sanitary for years if it is regularly maintained. It also offers a sleek and modern appearance and steel is always hygienic and is one of the most recommended by sanitary inspectors. Plastic laminate stalls and doors are also a good choice; it can come in a variety of colors to match the overall design of the building. It can also provide a design value to the building. It is also easy to clean and maintain although improper use might easily result in cracks and damages. Then there is phenolic which is at the midpoint from steel and plastic, it is a laminate standard that offers more stability and resilience than the plastic bathroom stalls but is not as pricey as the steel ones. It can also come in a wide range of colors and designs; it is lightweight and yet offers more robustness than the plastic ones. The bathroom stalls can come in the standard sizes, but you can ask for customization if your bathroom has special designs and dimensions, although it should not be less than what is required by the building regulations. Aside from these three kinds, there are still wooden and cork bathroom stalls, but these are not very good options as wood and cork tend to absorb moisture which is plenty in the bathroom and the moisture affects its form and shape, and stability. 

How to Choose the Best Commercial Bathroom Stall?

Given that you have three options to choose from, and each with varying pros and cons and the difference in prices is the top considerations you should think about when choosing the best commercial bathroom stall to use in your commercial building. If the building is modern and minimalist in design, then the steel bathroom stalls would be your top choice. It will be a good fit with the overall design and interior of the building. However, if you need to stick to color because of branding or in keeping with the design scheme of the building, then the plastic stalls would be a good choice, although the phenolic would also be able to answer that need. In terms of prices, the steel stalls and doors are the most expensive while the plastic one is the cheapest and the phenolic is somewhere in between. If you really want to be cost-effective then get the steel stalls and doors as it would give you more benefits for your money. But, if your primary concern is the design and branding of your building then get the plastic or phenolic. 

Where to Purchase Commercial Bathroom Stalls?

 Commercial bathroom stalls are available in your local construction supply depots but prices there are a bit higher compared to the online stores. Online stores get their stocks directly from the supplier and thus their prices are much less than in a physical store. You just need to find an online seller that has a proven track record to deliver what is being ordered and to have it delivered right to your building’s address. Once you have decided which of the bathroom stalls you want, you can directly communicate with the online store and ask for a quote so you would know how much you will be spending on it. Then place your order if you have decided on it and wait for it to be delivered to your building.