When To Send “Save The Date Cards” For A Wedding?

Sending out “Save The Date Cards” is one of the most common traditions in a wedding program. These cards give the guests enough time to take preparation for attending a wedding program.

However, people sometimes confuse when to send “Save The Date Cards” for a wedding and to whom it should be sent. To solve these confusions, this article provides detailed information on these things.

Reasons For Sending “Save The Date Cards”

Sending save the dates cards is not a mandatory task though, there are some specific reasons behind sending these save the dates cards. The reasons include:

  • This technique will please your family members as well as your other relatives. This will work as a unique theme for your wedding planning.
  • If you send “Save The Date Cards” earlier, people will learn your wedding date and can decide whether to go if there are some other wedding invitation card.
  • It makes people more attracted and excited to participate in your wedding program.

When To Send “Save The Date Cards” For A Wedding 

When to send “Save The Date Cards” for a wedding is a common question nowadays. Here go a deep discussion on this issue:

Local Wedding 

It is better for a local wedding to send “Save The Date Cards” to your relatives at least before six to eight months so that the people get an idea about the possibility of your wedding planning.

Then you have to send your wedding invitation at least eight weeks before. People will have enough time to get leaves from their works, traveling programs, and other planning. They will make a proper schedule to attend your wedding.

Destination Wedding

Destination wedding normally occurs within a long time vacation. If you are planning a destination wedding, send the “Save The Date Cards” to your relatives at least a year before or nine months before.

Your relatives will get enough time for flight reservations and ticket booking. Better, as early as you decide your wedding venue and date, send the “Save The Date Cards” mentioning them in detail. If anyone needs to book hotel rooms for staying, they will get sufficient time to do that.

Electronic Cards

In this era of technological advancement, everything gets too easy to do, which was quite impossible or time-consuming. Similarly, there is a big difference between traditional “Save The Date Cards” and electronically “Save The Date Cards.”

Traditional “Save The Date Cards” need a lot of time for writing, designing, printing, proofreading, and many more. Again a hassle creates in the time of distributing those cards to the relatives. It is not always possible to physically reach all the relatives, though you need them badly to join your wedding.

All these problems can easily be solved by just using electronic cards instead of the traditional ones. People are now very progressive and advanced. Almost all people have smartphones and emails nowadays.

So, you can send electronic “Save The Date Cards” via email or smartphone. You can send it through messenger or what’s app also. As a result, you will reach a large number of people in a very short time period.

To Whom You Should Send The Card

In your wedding planning, you must have a list of people whom you will invite. Make a separate list and enlist people who must be invited separated from those who might be invited.

Send the “Save The Date Cards” to the guests who are obviously invited. But never send it to the people with whom you are in confusion whether to invite or not. Because if you once send them the “Save The Date Cards,” they will learn about your wedding program.

It would be mandatory for you to send them a wedding invitation then. It might create a mess or confusion among you and the relatives. So, it is better not to send them the cards until you are sure of inviting them.

Things to Do Before Sending The Card

You have to do some particular things before sending “Save The Date Cards” to your guests. Such as:

  • You have to set up your wedding website first. 
  • Arrange other parts of the save the date card mails properly. 
  • Select a portion of your mail to write up the life stories or bios that will attract your guests.
  • A part with the stories of the relationship among you and your guests. It will emotionally touch your guests.
  • Choose the right wedding date. 
  • Write the date and venue properly in the mail. 


So, now you have learned all the necessary things about when and whom to send “Save The Date Cards” for a wedding program. You can incorporate this information in your case as well as your relatives.

But remember the thing that “Save The Date Cards” always have to be sent a few months earlier your wedding program. Otherwise, your guests might not arrange a time to attend your party. But if you still looking for the right partner, we have also some tips for you.