When Do You Need to Get Your Security Cameras Checked

Security cameras operate 24/7 to keep your clients and property safe. They require regular maintenance because if you fail to do so, it will open a gap in your defenses that thieves and other suspicious people can exploit. 

Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell when you need security camera services. Some companies don’t even have a mechanism that will let them know it is time to check the systems they installed for their clients for a routine check. You may contact a custom thesis writing service on any topic, but it’s better to trust an expert in person. But, there are signs you can look for to let you know it is time to get your security cameras checked by experts. 

Down below are some of the signs you can look for to let you know it is time for maintenance. 

1. You don’t remember the last time you scheduled a maintenance check

When you get a security system installed in your business, you can schedule when you will get it checked for maintenance. But, if you can’t recall when it was last checked, it is already a sign that you need to get your system checked ASAP. 

Ideally, security cameras must be checked every month to see if everything is working properly. It also opens opportunities for you to improve its performance and prevent problems from worsening. 

2. The recorded footage is pixelated or blurrier 

Business security cameras require clear footage to help the security team see everyone entering and leaving the premises. If the footage is blurred or pixelated than the footage you were getting when you first installed it, it is clear you need to get it repaired. 

Blurred or pixelated footage may mean that there is something wrong with the camera either physically or internally. Maintenance will check every part of the camera and recalibrate the camera to keep the footage sharp as it records. 

3. Footage keeps cutting 

If you notice that your camera footage keeps jumping or cutting off at random times, there may be problems with its signal or something is interfering with its recording. You may have to move the camera near your Wi-Fi router or far from places with high winds to improve the footage quality. 

4. Remote monitoring doesn’t work

When you have a modern security system, you can control your system wherever you are in the world. If you suddenly lose access to your cameras remotely, you need to get it fixed immediately. The maintenance team will ask you what happened when you tried to access the remote network to see what may have caused it. Aside from making remote monitoring, you also need to make sure that only high-quality cable trays are used to support the cabling system of your office. Contact reputable Cable tray manufacturers to know what type of cable tray best fits your workplace. 

5. You can’t pan, tilt or zoom the camera

Some of the things you can do with your security camera’s remote application is the camera’s tilt, pan and zoom capacity. This will help you focus on key parts of the property and get the data you need. However, these parts are very delicate and if something is wrong with them, you will notice a big decline in the quality of the footage you are getting and affect your camera’s health. 

When these parts don’t work, the maintenance team will see what repairs can be done and replace any faulty parts. 

6. The sensors don’t work

Whether you put the security cameras outside or inside the buildings, they will be connected to motion sensors that will trigger the camera’s automatic recording system. However, if these sensors fail, you need to get the sensors back online. 

You can check if the sensors work by having someone trigger it at random times. If the camera doesn’t turn on, there is a problem. 

7. Your area just experienced or always experiences bad weather

Security cameras are also prone to the elements even if they say it is weatherproof. If you placed the cameras outdoors, you need to check if the camera body is still intact and not damaged by thunder strikes, winds, and rain. If the weather is severe, it will definitely batter your camera immensely. 

If the camera is indoors, you need to see if the system still works after a sudden power outage caused by severe weather. 

8. The camera doesn’t store the recorded footage

Sometimes, a camera’s storage system malfunctions to the point it won’t store the footage it is taking. There are even instances when the storage system disables you from accessing it. When this happens, it may be because there is an internal problem with its connection or in the storage system itself.   

9. A criminal hijacked your camera

If your business was already attacked by a criminal or being attacked without your awareness, your security cameras will be their first target. Doing regular maintenance will prevent these criminals from damaging your security camera further. When you detect any interference, report it to the authorities and have the maintenance tech improve the system. 

10. The body of the camera is damaged

When a security camera is installed, some people tend to ignore its physical condition because of the belief it won’t get damaged. However, there may be elements that may damage it from its location. 


Like any electronic device we own, it is important that we regularly do system maintenance for our security cameras. Also consider options like vivint security as well.  Doing so guarantees that your business is safe and gives your customers peace of mind when they visit your property. Check if your cameras have dents and other damages or if you are having technical difficulties with the footage. When you do see these signs, contact your installer immediately to prevent further damages from rendering your camera unusable.

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