What you should find in a Classic Kitchen

Classic means that it never goes out of style. Therefore, it is always about elegance and good taste. To create a classic kitchen, you will need to stay within some boundaries. But that doesn’t mean you cannot also put a little bit of yourself into it. Breaking the code, here or there, will only render your classic kitchen more human and personal. Here are some guidelines, on what should be included, inside a classic kitchen.

Opened Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, in a classic setting, should let us see what is inside of them, at least when it comes to dinnerware. An elegant ceramic set of plates and crystal glasses should be put on display, not hidden away. When you aren’t serving meals in your French dinnerware, by Revol, it still has to catch the eyes of visitors, that have stopped by for a cup of coffee and to chat. Look for white or cream cabinetry, to lighten their presence in the room. Have long drawers, so you can keep the tablecloth folded neatly, and all the cutlery, side by side, inside the top one.

Natural Countertops

If you want a classic kitchen, you will have to invest on a granite or soapstone countertop. This can, indeed, be considered the base of such a room. Don’t be fancy about it by trying to differentiate yourself, by going with a gray or white one. You need black. Although it will be quite an investment, it is one that you will never regret. You can also decide to choose marble. And if you do so, then white will be the right choice. However, it may be really good looking when you buy it, but if you don’t take extremely good care of it, it will be such a wise choice, farther on. Unless someone cares for it daily, go for granite or soapstone.

Keep the Details as Simple as Possible

By definition, classic stays away from the extravaganza. Architectural details in a kitchen should be minimal. Forget about having important toekicks on furniture, or imposing crown molding. Ornate does not suit this genre of kitchens, and should be banned entirely. You want the lines to be pure and to go unnoticed. Keep the doorknobs simple, so that they only serve their purpose, which is to open the door; not to attract the eye.

Keep the colours Neutral

If you are extremely conservative, then black and white is what you need for your kitchen. It never goes out of style. It is the eternal kitchen which everyone feels comfortable in. But you can stray from these, as long as you remain in neutral tones. Beige, grey, or many extra-light tones of blue or yellow will do just fine. It is best to choose based upon how the cabinets and the colour on the wall will fit together.

As we said in the beginning of this article, there is nothing wrong with adding a few personal touches, here and there, just to break the code. But it won’t take much to find yourself in a kitchen that has lost the “classic” label.