What to Look For When Buying Meat

Have you been buying meat the wrong way? It is easy to assume that all you need is to the butcher and everything will be sorted out. You need to make sure that you’re getting the quality of meat that you’ll be looking for. There are some tips that will come in handy when buying meat. It doesn’t matter if it is from a physical butcher or buying online, you can be sure that the tips we’re going to highlight will be more than sufficient to guide you through the process.

Labeling Info

Every type of meat needs to be properly labeled so that it is clear what you’ll be getting. The labeling will include the type of meat, weight, total price, and sometimes even the price per pound. This information should still be there if you’re using a meat subscription box like that that is provided by Mortons Family Farm. For any type of meat, there are two kinds of stamps that you should be looking for. Make sure you’re buying meat that is clearly labeled with the sell-by date. If you’re buying from a supermarket, it can be hard to tell how long the meat has stayed. The inspection stamp is important as it will tell you if it has been approved by the USDA.

Go With Your Gut

There are occasions you can tell if the meat that you’re buying is bad. All your senses should be on high alert so that you’re not missing out on anything. You need to make sure that the meat that you’re buying is firm to touch. There should be no excess liquid with the packaging as that could mean that there is something wrong with the meat. For pork, it pinkish-red in color and you can always know when the meat is not fresh. For beef, you should be looking for bright cherry color. There will be different info for ground meat compared to when you’re buying wholesale. This is something that you’ll become accustomed to when you buy meat on a regular basis.

Buying Online

A lot of people have started shifting to buying meat online because of the convenience it offers. You can buy meat in bulk and have it delivered to your doorstep. Ideally, you’d want to get a provider from your locality. You don’t want to be guessing on where the meat is coming from and the processes that it has to go through before it is served on your table. Working with a local company is a lot more convenient when it comes to deliveries. There is better accountability with the process.

Another reason why you’d want to buy meat online is that you get a variety with different cuts. This might not be possible when buying from the local butcher as they could be limited in terms of what they can offer.

When there are specials on the meat, there is a high chance that the sell-by date could be near. You should only buy such meat when you’re to cook immediately. Putting such meat in the freezer might not be a good idea.

When shopping for meat, you should only buy when you’ve already purchased the nonperishables. The reason for doing so is so that there is no contamination. The meat should be packed separately from the other items. The meat should be refrigerated or frozen once you get home.

Buying meat doesn’t have to be a challenging endeavor. You first have to figure out the type of meat that you’d want to buy. Consumers are slowly moving away from buying their meat from the supermarket. There are meat bot subscription companies that you can get your meat from. You should make sure that you’re finding out where your meat is coming from. There are issues to do with animal cruelty which can be addressed when one knows how the animal is treated before it is slaughtered.


If you intend to buy online, you can do a comparison on the different service providers available so that you’re making an informed decision before buying the meat. Don’t forget to question the company that you intend to work with about the different processes involved before you get the meat. When you buy from a local farmer, you can be assured that the meat is fresh, and there are no issues that when it comes to how the animals are treated. It will not be such a bad idea to go on a tour of the farm.