What to Consider Before Buying a Flower in Singapore

Often, flowers convey the most profound meaning to both the giver and the recipient. Typically, flowers are the best way to say I’m Sorry, I Love You, Happy Birthday, Thinking about You, or just Happy Anniversary. Whenever you need to send something special, think about flowers. If you’re not sure about the best florist in Singapore and how to go about shopping for flowers, here’s a quick checklist for you.

Types of Flowers to Buy

With an endless variety of flowers to choose from, the process can be overwhelming. And if you feel the same, here’re some flowers you can consider getting.

Rose Flowers

Rose flowers come in different colors and representations. Did you know that each year, a total of 224 million roses are grown for Valentine only? Well, if you opt to buy a rose flower, you need to understand that a cut rose can last for one week.

What colors to choose.

  • Yellow: the color is a representation of joy and friendship.
  • Red: Always represents love.
  • Pink: a perfect expression of gratitude and appreciation.

If you search for the best florist in Singapore, be sure to ask for different colors or rose flowers depending on the occasion.

Hydrangea Flowers

This type of flower represents prosperity and grace. It’s a perfect gift for expressing gratitude. Notably, they’re heat-sensitive; thus, they can wilt under high temperatures and should be kept in cold places.


Always available in stores all year round. Sunflowers represent admiration towards a family member or friend. The bright yellow petals exude positive vibes and encouragement towards the intended recipient.

Lily Flowers

Did you know that a blooming lily smells divine? If you want to send some love to someone, we suggest you buy a white lily. Otherwise, for wealth and prosperity, go with a pink color.

Lily flower pro tip: Most of the time, when shopping for flowers, you’ll find that the best florist in Singapore will remove the pollen from the flowers before selling them. However, if you still find them intact, you need to remove them.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Flower

When looking for the best florist in Singapore, you should keep the following in mind.

1. Choose the right site

Be careful of where you order your flowers. The best florist site you choose should have an extensive catalog. Besides, it should contain the types of flowers and arrangements. Notably, when shopping online, you don’t know how long the flowers have stayed on the shelves; hence, when ordering, ensure the flowers are in a bud.

2. Choose the right flower

Before you buy a flower from the best florist in Singapore, ensure you imperatively understand the occasion or the person you’re buying for.

3. Price comparison

Once you’ve selected the stores to buy from, it’s time to make a price comparison. To make a good choice, you need to compare prices from different websites.

4. Delivery Time

Delivery Time

The delivery process should be quick and easy. Besides, it should not contain ridiculous charges.

Final thoughts

When purchasing a flower online, it’s critical to go with your gut feeling. Beforehand, you should check reviews online for the best florist in Singapore to help you make an informed decision. More succinctly, you need to understand that flowers convey different emotions and meanings. Therefore, choosing the right one for your loved one is essential.