What should I look out for during boiler installation in Massapequa, NY?

As the cold weather approaches, many people are looking to get their boiler installed. But there’s more to it than just what type of boiler to use and how much it costs; before you go ahead with the boiler installation in Massapequa, NY, be sure that your home is suited for having a boiler installed. If not, this could end up costing you more money in the long run.

To ensure that your property can support a boiler service connection, consider first if your system is already suitable for gas distribution. If so, then even if there are no existing flues, vents, or chimneys installed yet (which would allow you to connect your central heating system), this shouldn’t necessarily put you off getting one fitted by a registered installer. You may still be able to install one by creating an airlock at the property boundary or by utilizing an old flue.

However, if there are no vents already installed, this does narrow down your choices quite significantly as far as what boiler you can get and how it can be vented, which could affect your final costs.

The first thing to consider is that some boilers will require you to have a flue for them to work efficiently and safely; usually, these boilers need either natural ventilation (heat will escape through the wall of the house) or require power-assisted downdraught ventilation (in which case they would need to connect via chimney or sealed flue).

This means that if you look at the most popular types of boilers (listed below), you could be limited to two or three choices because some are only available as flued models. Also bear in mind that there may be other factors to consider, depending on your home and if it already has a gas supply connection; for example, oil-fired boilers can’t be vented outside, so they will also need to connect via the sealed flue.

Types of boiler

Here are the common types of boiler:

A combination boiler is an ideal choice if your property doesn’t already have a flue fitted; these can usually work with either power-assisted downdraught ventilation (chimney) or a sealed flue. The other advantage of a combination boiler is that it has two heating circuits, so if your home already has a radiator system in place you can still use those – and reduce the number of radiators you might otherwise need to install as well as your heating bills.

A condensing combi-steam boiler will usually have an output of up to 30kW, which makes them ideal for larger homes or those with more than one storey. They are also good for smaller homes because they have over 90% efficiency rating meaning lower running costs – and they often include a seven-year warranty as standard.

Most condensing boilers only require power-assisted downdraught ventilation but some models on the market also require external venting. These are usually larger capacity boilers, but make sure that you check the specifications of the boiler you’re considering buying to find out which method of ventilation is required before making your purchase.

A condensing gas boiler with power-assisted downdraught ventilation may be a good option if your home already has a sealed flue or chimney, although these can also work on their dedicated flue too – so they are ideal if you have radiators already in place. Condensing gas boilers are very popular because they are one of the most efficient types available – even more so than combi-steam systems – and many have an output of up to 30kW.

Professional installation services

When you are planning for a boiler replacement in Seaford, NY, you should always choose a registered engineer so that you know the job will be carried out to the highest standard. The cost of fitting should be taken into consideration when working out the overall budget for your new central heating system. You might want to get a few quotes beforehand, so you can compare costs and make sure that the installation is perfect and safe.

Boiler accidents can happen but also remember it’s regarded as good practice to buy an inexpensive carbon monoxide alarm if your boiler has the potential to give off the poisonous gas. Carbon monoxide alarms are relatively cheap, can save lives, and can act as a deterrent because intruders will know there’s one within the property making them less likely to choose your home for an illegal break-in.

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