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What material is better for pipes in my house?

When choosing the most suitable material for pipes of our homes, it is important to make a good decision. Copper provides optimum comfort, lasting performance and excellent reliability over the years, and help to protect the health of individuals and save energy. Thanks to its characteristics, copper is one of the materials most valued by professionals for water installations, gas and heating. It is a reliable material easy to install, durable and avoids the high maintenance costs. When any maintenance is needed, its malleability and ease of installation help prevent prolonged interruptions of the water supply. Copper is also a safe choice in time, given that all tubes are manufactured according to European standards, so that their components are always compatible between manufacturers and over time. Lets talk about my house pipes.

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A cost effective solution with high performance

Copper resistance to extreme temperatures and aging makes it ideal for heating and drinking water material. But also in heating systems with copper pipes, thanks to a constant passage section, the pumps can work at a slower pace in front of pumping systems with other materials, saving energy and money. Systems heating with copper pipes heating also pose a significant long-term savings installation since, due to the thermal conductivity of copper (as an example, is almost 1,000 times better conductor than some plastics), the system presents virtually thermal inertia, which reduces power loss and improves efficiency.

A healthier and safer home

One of the most important characteristics of copper is related to hygiene and health. On-site drinking water, several studies have confirmed that copper pipes prevent the risk of proliferation of pathogenic bacteria causing diseases such as Legionella and E.coli bacteria. In addition, copper pipes contain no artificial substances that can migrate into drinking water. Copper is a natural element found in foods such as milk, cereal or chocolate; it is an essential trace element for the health and all people need to eat small amounts of copper daily to stay healthy.
Another security-related advantage is its fire resistance. In case of fire, copper pipes are not flammable, resist extreme temperatures and do not emit smoke or toxic gases (Euroclass A1); there is no external propagation or fire penetration.

And an excellent cosmetic

Although normally the pipes are hidden by walls, more owners and interior designers opt to leave the copper pipes exposed to view thanks to the influence of industrial design and attracted by the intrinsic qualities of copper as its aesthetic value, easy installation and the advantages of having easy access to the pipes.