What Locks do locksmiths use on Their Homes and Security Doors?

The type of locks has a great effect on the security of your home and doors. Especially when it comes to the locksmiths, they know it better when it comes to picking the most suitable locks for the homes and the security doors, which are of high-security level. 

Home locks are an essential part of the safety and security of the residents and the other sectors. It is not enough to put a security guard for 24×7. If the lock is not solid enough, then the doors are easier to break. 

This is why locksmiths depend upon the higher quality lock mechanisms, which ensure avant-garde security with complete peace of mind. Door locks are essentially the best tools for complete safety and security. 

The multiple varieties of the door locks are beneficial when it comes to strengthening the security level to protect the assets in your home or commercial establishment. If you think the door of your property needs improvement, the most trusted service provider of commercial doors san antonio can help you. 

This is why locksmiths prefer to use locks that are made up of modern technologies and methods. So what locks do the locksmiths prefer to use? Have a look:

1. Cam locks

One of the most innovative and modern locks is cam locks. The cam locks work as a certain type of fastener, which allows for the storage to be kept exact. Hence it uses a very latent way for doing so, which does not affect its appearance. 

Cam locks are usually used in cabinets and doors, which come in the form of a cylindrical shape. The cam look gets fixed in the wooden part of a door. It uses a metal tube with a hole in one side which helps in positioning the bolt which gets inserted. 

Various tailpieces are used to make the cam lock which makes it a much secure one for the home doors. You can visit ilocksecurity.com.au to get the best Locksmith services at your home for the security doors.

2. Knob Locks

Knob locks are the most common kind of locks that are mostly used for door security. Especially for the doors of the various rooms, the knob locks come to be the best type.

The lock cylinder of the knob lock stays situated in the knob, rather than being in the door. However, even if it is a highly used locking mechanism, the knob locks must not be used for the external doors. They provide fine security to the internal rooms of the home.

3. Deadbolt locks:

For the higher security doors, the deadbolt locks are the most used ones. The deadbolt locks offer the best kind of protection against any kind of breaking-in activity. The deadbolt locks use the knobs or the key instead of using the spring. 

To prevent any kind of physical attacks, robbery, breaking in, boring, or battering, the deadbolt locks are simply the best option. Moreover, locksmiths trust this lock as these types of locks cannot be opened using a knife or a regular hand tool.

4. Mortise locks:

The mortise locks are one of the most powerful ones, which are specially used by the locksmiths for the external doors. They are usually available in both heavy-duty and lighter mechanisms. The mortise lock includes an internal system which makes it way more secure.

These lock sets will easily house the knobs or the levers and often include a cylindrical body. The mortise locks are used for mortise components which are added with the door. The box lock is placed to secure the mortise, which comes with a deep recess in the edge area of the door.

5. Padlocks:

The padlocks come as the free-standing lock, which is portable, unlike the other forms of lock. The padlocks do not get permanently attached to the door. Locksmiths attach it and open it as per the preference. 

Padlocks facilitate a variety of models, which are either keyed or the combination one. The keyed padlocks are available with a variety of subtypes. The padlocks come up with a looped, shackle-shaped handle which is highly used for locking the main gates of the homes.

6. Smart Locks:

For smart homes, the smart locks are the most used ones by locksmiths. The smart locks are usually the electronic ones that are easy to use with home automation. The smart lock comes with the specific site of the instructions with an authorized device that controls the entire system. 

These instructions can be given wirelessly and work with wireless communication protocols. The locksmith mostly uses this one as it includes the alarms and notifications which send real-time data about the lock.

Electronic locks or smart locks are used more like umbrella terms. It is highly used for modern doors. One of the most interesting mechanisms of the electronic lock is, it doesn’t use a key for opening. 

Rather it used an automated system, i.e., a keypad, a smartphone app, or an access card. The use of the combination lock with the keypad door is mostly used for the higher security doors. 

7. Rim Automatic Deadlatch with the key lock handle: 

A rim automatic deadlatch lock usually gets attached to the inside of the door, which also uses a key locking cylinder where you need to insert the key to open the door. The deadlatches can be locked and unlocked from both sides. Also, it makes room for an additional lock in the door. 


The locksmith always tends to use the lock for the homes and the security doors, which are highly functional and hard to break. Most of the locksmith trusts in the new age solutions which are smarter and reliable for the best of security. Hence while picking the lock for your home, always get the best suggestions from your preferred locksmith services.