What Is the Going Rate for House Cleaning in My Area?

Plumbing issues can be frustrating. Seeing as they do not write a notice ahead of happening, they can be unexpected also. Blocked drains rank among the most annoying of all plumbing issues. One minute your wastewater is flowing away freely, the next minute there is a pool of dirty water staring back at you. When you are faced with drain problems, your DIY knowledge may become useless unless you call on a professional like Candu Plumbing & Rooter offers drain cleaning services. Being an unexpected issue, one of the very first concerns for you is the cost of drain cleaning services. If you are unsure of what to budget in terms of the cost of your drain cleaning needs, read on.

Sewer Snake

When you call on a plumber to handle your drain cleaning needs, the very first line of action is to use a sewer snake to probe the clogged pipe. The plumber’s professional sewer snake is a bit stronger than what you have at home, this means that it can push through the dirt and grime that may be clogging up your pipe. Sometimes, your plumber may use a rooter machine in conjunction with the sewer snake. This combination is perfect for when clogs are caused by hard materials like tree roots.

If you have enjoyed this service and your drains are now flowing properly, the chance that you will pay a huge fee is canceled. However, the cost of the entire process may also depend on the location of the problem as well as its severity. If yours is a smaller household, you may spend around $100 to $300 to get your drains unclogged. The unclogging will cover all areas of the home including the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry rooms, and toilets.

Please be informed that the prices of the services rendered by the plumber may also be affected by the location as kitchens and bathrooms can cost significantly more. The overall cost of the entire process may also be affected by the location of the clog within the pipe. The farther the clog is, the more expensive the service is likely to be. For example, you may end up spending as much as between $109 and $273 for toilet clogs, 4151 and $214 for laundry drains, and between $109 and $214 for kitchens and bathrooms.

Your main plumbing line can also be cleared using a sewer snake. This may cost you about $180 or more depending on the kind of service to be rendered, the location, and the plumbing company hired.

Camera Inspection

There is a chance that the sewer snake may not work. In such a case like this, the plumber is interested to know the cause of the problem. To get to the bottom of it, a camera inspection may be needed. A camera inspection offers a clear picture of the problem. using a camera inspection, you may also be able to find lost items like wedding bands. If you need a camera inspection to be done, you could spend anywhere from between $100 and $800. Camera inspections alone can cost a lot more than the entire drain unclogging service. On average, homeowners spend around $250 and $500 on camera inspection of their pipes.

You should note that the price quoted is only for camera inspections and not for any other service that may have been provided by the plumber prior to needing a camera inspection.

Hydro Jetting

Sometimes, clogs may be notorious and hard to get rid of. When this happens, hydro jetting may be the next line of action. Hydro jetting is perfect for a combination of grime, hair, grease, and other materials that are tightly packed along the pipe. This method can also be used to get rid of root materials or larger items that have clogged the drain. The hydro jetting technique is similar to pressure washing, it primarily forces water, at high pressure, down the drain.

Choosing hydro jetting can cost around $350 to $450 depending on who you have called. The cost can easily shoot up to as high as $600 depending on how long it takes the plumber to get the job done.

Sewer Line Replacement

The last resort in such an instance is sewer line replacement. Like with any other last resort, this option can be very expensive. Sewer line replacement is only recommended when there are leaks, heavy corrosion, a large number of tree roots, or when a severe clog has blocked the entire drain.

This replacement can cost anywhere between $7,000 and $25,000 depending on the materials needed. Sometimes, a simple sewer line replacement job can cost $1,000.