What Is The Best Dog Training Certification?

Are you looking to start a career as a dog trainer? Or maybe you recently adopted a puppy, and you want to train it for good behavior.

Technically to become a dog trainer, you don’t require a dog training certificate. However, a training certification is beneficial since it helps you lay your foundation for dog training. Attending a k9 training class can also be a massive boost to your business since it will help you attract clients.

So, if you’re interested in learning how to train a k9, then here is a list of the best dog training certifications.

1. Karen Pryor Academy

Karen Pryor Academy (KPR) has one of the best overall dog training certification programs available. The course combines classroom learning and hands-on training at home. Their online course provides you with over 250 dog training videos and several training exercises that can be downloaded.

KPR’s training program takes six months to complete. Learners are expected to go through 10 hours of coursework per week and four intensive learning sessions with a professional trainer during the weekend. The tuition fee is around $5,300. However, the KPR training course offers three training programs with varying degrees of in the flesh training.

2. Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers

The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) is the best-known dog training certification program. The CCPDT certificate is well respected and highly marketable within the industry. The CCPDT is not an online course. However, they have online training courses meant to guide you during your assessment.

To earn the Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) certificate, you must have at least 300 hours of experience in dog training within the past three years. You will also be required to pass their 180 multiple-choice tests taken at CCPDTs testing facilities in the US and Canada.

The CPDT-KA is meant to measure your skills and knowledge in dog training instruction and technique, learning theory, and ethology.

3. Dr. Ian Dunbar’s SIRIUS Dog Trainer Academy

Dr. Dunbar is a well-respected canine behaviorist and professional dog trainer. His dog training course is the best dog training certification for entrepreneurs looking to start a k9 training business. The program also provides a lot of essential k9 training knowledge that dog owners can use to train their puppies.

Dr. Dunbar’s dog training course can easily be accessed online on Udemy. The course will take you about 1 or 2 weeks to complete. The curriculum includes lectures stretching for four days, lots of e-books, lecture notes, and a canine behavior problem-solving matrix.

Dr. Ian Dunbar’s SIRIUS Dog Trainer Academy certification program will cost you around $125. It is best for dog trainers with intermediate dog training knowledge and skills looking to learn more.

4. Top Tier K9

The Top Tier K9 online training course is incredibly excellent for training working dogs such as law enforcement and service dogs. The Top Tier K9 syllabus has been curated to care for beginners, intermediate, and experienced individuals. The course offers training options suited to satisfy your reasons for learning to be a dog trainer.

Their pet trainer course takes eight weeks and helps beginners learn how to be a dog trainer. If you’re interested in increasing your knowledge and skills, you can take additional classes depending on the focus of your interests.

Top Tier K9 offers a campus program called “Live On-Campus” and an internet-based program called “Live On-line.” On each learning platform, you engage in a face-to-face learning session with your instructor.

The classes will cost you between $2,450 and $ 5,650.

5. Penn Foster Dog Obedience Trainer Career Diploma

As you’ve probably realized by now, receiving a k9 training certificate is costly. The Penn Foster course offers beginners a dog training certificate at reasonable prices. Learners can pay a monthly fee of $55 or a complete payment of $779.

The course is excellent for individuals interested in learning how to train their pups. The instructors have pre-recorded their classes, so you can access the lessons whenever you want. The program takes six months to complete. However, you can take more time to complete the program in case you need it.

The Penn Foster Dog Obedience Trainer program includes coursework, meetings with your matched mentor, access to the Penn Foster Community, and unlimited learner support.


What other excellent dog training certification programs have you come across? Feel free to leave a comment below and ask any questions that you might have.