What Is an Ear Thermometer Used For?

Increased body temperatures lead to the development of fever. But then, scientific research proves that mild fever provides the body ability to fight infections. This is because pathogens can’t reproduce in high-temperature ranges. However, extreme temperatures can be dangerous, especially for adults. For this reason, there is a need for close monitoring of temperatures and seek immediate medication in such cases.

Ear thermometers are great devices for monitoring body temperatures. They use infrared radiation heat from the eardrum to provide the temperature reading of the body. The ear thermometers provide accurate temperature readings in most conditions. But then, what is an ear thermometer used for?

What is an Ear Thermometer Used for?

Before you think about using any device, you must understand what it is and what it is used for. So, what is an ear thermometer used for? The ear thermometers are used to measure body temperatures by using radiating heat energy from the eardrum. Experts say that these thermometers provide accurate results compared when taking temperature readings in other body parts. This is because the eardrum is recessed inside the head.

However, to get accurate results, there are several things an individual should always mind. First, you should ensure there is no excess wax in the ears. Your ears should be healthy to use it. Therefore, if you have an ear infection, or you are from ear surgery, you should avoid it at all.

How to Use an Ear Thermometer

It is essential to learn how this device is used before thinking about inserting it into the ear. Below are a few steps to enable you for correct usage of an ear thermometer.

Ensure the Ears are Clean

Wax is the common form of dirt that builds in our ears. Besides this, other debris builds in the ear canal and thereby reducing the general accuracy. Therefore, before you plan to take temperature readings using the best ear thermometer, you must clean it thoroughly. Since wax becomes impacted easily against eardrums, you should avoid using similar methods. So how can we clean the ears?

The effective products you should employ to clean ears include almond oil, warm olive oil, and mineral oil. Get the special ear drops to soften the debris and use some few squirts of water to irrigate it. Let it settle to dry before you insert it to take body temperature measurements. Low temperatures are read if there you use the ear thermometers to take the temperature readings.

Cover the Tip of the Thermometer Using a Clean Cover

Before you use the thermometer, take it out, and read instructions before anything else. There is a disposable sterile cover that you need to place over the thermometer tip. The tip can cause ear infections and other serious ear conditions if you directly use it. This is why you must cover it with a disposable sterile cover to avoid such issues from happening.

Other thermometers don’t come with sterile covers. For these, ensure you clean up the tip before inserting into the ear to take readings. Antiseptic solutions such as hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and white vinegar are used to clean the tip. You can also consider economically friendly antiseptics like colloidal silver. It is a homemade solution that works effectively to clean ears.

Other people, at times, re-use the tips at large. However, this is not advisable, but you will need to sanitize them thoroughly if there is a need to do so. Ensure to clean the thermometer tip before and after use.

Inserting the Thermometer

You will pull the ear back and point the tip of the thermometer into the ear. Turn it on, and don’t move the head right and left. If you measure the temperature of a child, ensure you hold the child’s head still. You will straighten the ear canal by pulling the ear back, holding the top part. This also makes it easy to insert the tip and take temperature readings faster.

You will pull it up and back gently for adults to make it easy to insert and take temperature readings. Maintaining the ear canal straight prevents irritating it and other injuries you might get from the tip. This also ensures you get accurate results out of your ear thermometer.

An individual should maintain the correct distance between the ear canal and the thermometer tip. Manufacturers have provided all instructions for inserting these thermometers to ensure everything is accomplished. These thermometers are designed to take distance and remote readings. Therefore, you can take temperature readings without touching the eardrum.

Besides the distance, these thermometers direct infrared radiations to the eardrums. Therefore, you are advised to seal it with the tip cover or have it at a distant point while inserting it into the ear canal.

Take the Readings on the Display

You will insert the thermometer probe into the ear gently. You will hold the thermometer until a beeping sound is produced. Remove the thermometer slowly and carefully and take the temperature reading displayed on the digital display. You will write down the readings on a paper for future use if a health professional needs it whenever a problem arises. Monitoring your temperature at specific periodic intervals is essential. This also helps you to determine whether there is any form of change that might take place.

What is the Advantage of Using this Thermometer?

Ear thermometers are excellent temperature monitoring devices in the market. Most people prefer using them since they provide fairly accurate readings, and they are quicker than other thermometers.


So, what is an ear thermometer used for? In our project, we have clearly shown what this thermometer is used. We have also heard detailed information on how to use these thermometers at large. Ear thermometers are the best temperature monitoring devices worth having at home. They provide an accurate temperature reading to enable us to get to know about our health status.