What do I need to know before I buy a garden tractor?

Garden tractors have come a long way in recent years and have become quite a popular item for one to buy for their lawn or garden. In fact, if one has to make a choice between a lawnmower and a garden tractor, there is a high possibility that you would find most people prefer a garden tractor to their trusty lawnmower, and it’s not hard to understand why that is the case. But before you go and buy a John Deere tractor for your garden, there are things that you should know about garden tractors that might impact your decision to buy one.

Here are things one must know before investing in a garden tractor.

1. Size of the garden tractor

Like everything in life, Garden tractors also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But before one goes and buys the one they like the best, they need to make sure that the garden tractor they are investing on is fit for their garden. If you have a large open garden, then you can obviously go for a larger than average size garden tractor with a wide cutting width. But if you have a small-sized garden, then that can’t be your option. Small spaces with tight spaces and turns are hard for larger than average garden tractors to navigate. If that is the case, then you should opt for a more average-sized garden tractor. Remember to measure your garden to buy the right garden tractor for you.

2. Performance of the garden tractor

One thing that is often ignored while picking the right garden tractor is its engine’s power. Now, obviously, a garden tractor does not have to match the power generated by an average farming tractor, but one has to find the tractor with the right tractor engine that is suitable for their needs. For basic tasks like mowing the lawn, etc., a low-powered engine would be good enough. Ask the supplier the task the garden tractor is capable of before buying one.

3. Accessorize

Many of the garden tractors available in the market can easily be accessorized according to their owner’s needs and requirements. But other garden tractor models do not offer this feature. Ensure that you are appropriately informed about the garden tractor you prefer and get detailed information about how you can and cannot accessorize the garden tractor from the supplier.

4. Transmission

Garden tractors are available in two different transmission variants – manual and hydrostatic. Manual transmission tractors are quite similar to a manual car with gear and everything, whereas the hydrostatic transmission variant is more like the automatic variant of a car and is a preferable option if you want more control over your ride.

5. Cutting blade position

Before picking a garden tractor, check where the cutting blade is positioned at. If the cutting blades are at the front of the garden tractor, then that garden tractor is to be used to trim bushes and trees, and if they are positioned under the driver seat, they are used to get easily up to the edges and borders. And if you need to collect the grass trimmed, then you need to make sure that your garden tractor offers this.

6. Easy to operate

Before buying a garden tractor, one should make sure whether or not one can easily operate the vehicle. Riding a garden tractor is difficult, but some models could be difficult for one to get accustomed to, especially the manual variants. Doing a test drive, getting on and off the garden tractor, things like that could easily help you determine whether the chosen garden tractor is the right fit for you or not.

7. Storage

One must store their garden tractor inside a secure shed. It is not just crucial for their safety but for their longevity and performance as well. One should also buy some wheel clamps and have the garden tractor insured just in case. Proper storage is essential, and if you don’t have one, build one immediately.

8. Service and Maintenance

Garden tractors, like every other machinery, need proper maintenance and regular service to perform to the best of their ability. Make sure that the garden tractor you are looking to buy can be serviced at a nearby garage, and also make a note of the warranty period offered by the supplier. Many suppliers also offer an extended warranty period on purchasing a new garden tractor just for some additional charges. It would not be a bad idea to get an extended warranty on your new garden tractor.

Garden tractors have become popular these days and you should always get complete details about them before you buy. This post is just for you and makes sure to gather all the factors. This way you can make a purchase of a garden tractor wisely.