What Can You Expect from Residential Junk Removal by a Local Company?

You can quickly accumulate junk in your houses in the form of unused appliances, electronics, exercise equipment, and old furniture, among many such items. In addition, your garage could be full of broken tools, toys, or rusting bicycles that need to be disposed of. This is where residential junk removal services come into the picture.

These items need to be removed responsibly; you cannot just chuck them in the garbage bin. Such junk removal service providers can help you declutter, free up space and get rid of any residential junk.

Various Services Offered by Local Residential Junk Removal Companies

Appliances Removal

Appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, heaters, dishwashers form a part of the major appliances category. Appliances such as hair dryers, electric coffee pots, toasters form a part of small appliances.

According to an EPA report, more than 40% of major appliances and more than 75% of small appliances found their way to landfills. A junk removal company can safely recycle and dispose of any unused appliances in your house.

Furniture Removal

If you are revamping your house and want to get rid of old furniture, you can utilize eco-friendly services offered by junk removal companies. For example, if you are removing an old piece of furniture, the company can either donate or recycle the item after evaluating its condition.

Furniture pieces can be heavy and bulky. With a professional by your side, you need to worry about hauling the pieces from one site to another.

Garage Cleanouts

If ignored, your garage can quickly turn into a dumping ground for items you no longer use in your household. For example, the treadmill you no longer use, bucket-load of rusting tools and spare parts, unused kitchen items could eat up space and damage the area if not stored properly.

A junk removal company can help clean out unused items and ensure you can safely park your car in a clutter-free space.

Electronic Waste

As new models are introduced in the marketplace, electronics such as phones, laptops, tablets get discarded at an alarming rate. However, by contacting a residential junk removal company specializing in e-waste, you can responsibly dispose of the electronics.

The company will ensure they recycle as many materials as possible to keep the waste out of landfills. Recycling and reuse activities in the US created about 681,000 jobs and $37.8 billion in wages. So, even your small effort of contacting the junk removal company can contribute to the nation’s economy.

Construction Debris Removal

You will generate a large amount of waste when undertaking a remodeling project. Old fixtures, concrete, wood, glass are some of the junk materials most commonly collected. A junk removal service provider will visit your house at the scheduled time, collect the debris, sort them for donation and recycling, and dispose of the rest according to local laws.

The list of services mentioned above is not exhaustive. A residential junk removal company also offers other services such as garbage, yard waste, mattress, hot tub, piano, and Christmas tree removal, among others. You can fill in an online application or call to get free estimates from service providers in your area. Contact a junk removal company today and ensure any junk you generate is responsibly handled.