What can you do with a Brush cutter?

We all would agree that maintaining a healthy yard isn’t that easy, as it seems. Achieving that perfect barefoot-worthy backyard definitely requires a lot more than just watering and mowing. It needs ample fertilizers, appropriate tools, and a constant battle with weeds and pests.

With summer season right the corner, a delay in controlling weeds and grass could easily ruin even the most lucrative lawns. Therefore, to prevent your beautiful paradise turn into an overgrown mess, you actually need a brush cutter!

Don’t know what a brush cutter can do? No worries! Here we have provided a full-fledged guide on what can you actually do with a brush cutter, to maintain a lush green lawn. So without wasting any time, let’s get started!

What can a Brush Cutter actually cut?

A brush cutter is an absolute answer to all your lawn care problems. It is one of the most versatile tools which aren’t just able to mow intricate areas of your field but also perform heavy-duty works of lawn and landscaping, where the truck mover cannot reach. They are equipped with sharp blades which can effectively trim down even the thickest kinds of growth including:

  •     Tall prairie grasses/weeds
  •     Reeds and ferns
  •     Shrubs and brush
  •     Small trees and saplings

A brush cutter can do what other gardening tools cant. Apparently, they are similar to the line trimmers; however, they use thin nylon string to cut the vegetation. In contrast, a brush cutter uses thick metal blades and can cut dense vegetation like tree trunks, even up to 4 inches thick. Brush cutter offers far more power than any other lawn care gear!

These brush cutters make lawn mowing super convenient for all. Especially if you have rocks and stones in your yard, no other garden tool will be as efficient as a Brush Cutter.

Using Brush Cutters with blades

The brush cutter is specifically designed for smooth operation; therefore, they are relatively simple to use. But, it does require an appropriate technique for optimal functioning. You must always hold your brush cutter blade parallel to the ground while it’s in use, irrespective of what type of blade you are using. You may also adjust the hardness of the blade, so it is positioned comfortably.

An important aspect to comprehend here is that the blade rotates counterclockwise, similar to how a straight shaft trimmer works. Hence, it’s best to cut with the left side of the edge to avoid that kick out (thrust)

Cutting Grass and Weeds

While trimming clusters of short grass and weeds, pull your cutter back and forth similar to a scythe. You must stand upright and position the blade at an appropriate angle, and go around in a scything motion, from left to right.

Chopping Thick Vegetation

Thick shrubs and dense vegetation are relatively challenging to chop, but with the right technique, it wouldn’t cause much trouble. For thick, tangled bushes, you must not start with the base of the shrub, but instead by its head. You must position your blade up to your waist, and slowly lower the cutter until it’s just slightly above the ground.

Cutting Small Tress

Unlike other gardening tools, a brush cutter can effectively cut down trees with trunks up to 4 inches thick. Trees with a larger diameter are required to be cut down by chainsaws, therefore avoid using a brush cutter for them. While cutting small trees, make sure to hold the cutter steadily until it has made its way through the trunk, to prevent uneven cuttings.

Safety Precautions while using a Brush Cutter

A brush cutter is a powerful machine and must be handled responsibly with precaution. Inappropriate use might be very risky, and you may even end up injuring your own self. Therefore, it’s necessary (I repeat necessary!) to take precautionary measure to prevent hurting yourself, including:

  • Always use your brush cutter with appropriate safety equipment, including safety goggles, jackets, boots, earbuds, etc. Also, make sure to wear a guard for your hand, specifically while using it.
  • Don’t ignore your foot equipment- The brush cutter runs at incredible speed, and if you accidentally trip over, it may hurt you terribly. Therefore, working without appropriate footwear is a big NO!
  • If you need to use a brush cutter frequently with short intervals, you must first allow your cutter to cool down entirely before refueling it.
  • You may use earbuds and goggles for your safety, but be aware of your surroundings. It’s very common animals hiding or wandering around in your garden, therefore keeps your eyes and ears wide open while using it.
  • It’s highly recommended to read the owner manual properly beforehand, to get a clear idea of the brush cutter’s function.
  • Keep children away from it!


A brush cutter is an all-in-one tool, and its incredible versatility makes it useful for clearing and maintaining even the most challenging yards. Its usage might be a bit complicated if you don’t have the right technique, but if you have comprehended the above-mentioned tactics, it wouldn’t be a big concern for you!