What are the turf prices per metre square?

What are the turf prices per meter Square?  As per Sydney Lawn And Turf experts Turf costs are less expensive than alternative landscaping. The price for natural grass is less expensive than a selection of options you could be thinking about for your backyard. To help you decide this table provides an estimate of the price of artificial turf, pavers and concrete per square metre, compared to the cost of turf. The price of turf differs according to the type of grass selected and is also different dependent on the quantity of turf that is purchased, with higher quantities costing less per square millimetre. The thing that stands out is that the price of natural turf even at the top price, is much cheaper. Together with the other benefits that turf provides it is the ideal solution.

A lush, beautiful green lawn can bring many benefits to any property, be it your house, a sports area, a park, or educational institution.

Many people think that the cost of top natural, instant turf is too high, when is in fact an perfectly pristine, flawless turf has never been more affordable.

Recent research conducted by a agents survey has revealed that a lawn well maintained on the outside of a Sydney Home can increase the price of resales by up to $83,600.

When you buy top quality turf at Buy Turf Online you’re not just making your property appear more attractive, you’re also investing in a sound investment with a great rate of return.

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Turf Price in Sydney Updated June 2022

Turf Type Cost (per sqm)
Sir Walter Buffalo $15.50
Sir Grange Zoysia $25.00
Eureka Kikuyu $8.60
Nullarbor Couch $9.65
Bermuda Tif Tuf $15.95

What is the cost of Turf? Cost?

You need to consider what you’d like from your turf, and which kind of turf best fits your needs and lifestyle before you begin comparing prices for turf.

In the majority of cases, Turf is priced per square metre. It will differ according to the type of turf you pick.

The appropriate grass type make your yard appear more attractive, it’ll also help you save money and provide you with outstanding outcomes.

Before you purchase turf, you should ask yourself whether you’d like to:

  • Lawn that can withstand drought?
  • Lawns that require minimal maintenance?
  • A hard-wearing piece of turf that is able to take a lot of abuse?
  • Lawn that can tolerate shade?
  • A low-allergen lawn that’s suitable for allergy sufferers?

Pricing of Sir Walter Buffalo Turf:

It is the ideal turf to use for almost all of the conditions. It also has excellent shade and drought resistance, as well as wear-and tear, weed and disease resistance.

The Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo lawn turf has both durability and high-quality and.

– $15.50 per square metre.

Sir Grange Zoysia Turf Pricing:

Sir Grange Zoysia, a top quality high-end, premium Turf which was initially designed to be used in gold courses. The Turf is a very fine texture that gives it a beautiful appearance and it also has an excellent shade and drought resistance.

– $25.00 per square metre.

Tiftuf Bermuda Turf Pricing:

Tiftuf Bermuda turf is a premium fine leaf turf with numerous great qualities, including extremely high shade tolerance, drought-resistant and low maintenance.

– $15.95 per square metre.

Eureka Kikuyu Turf Pricing:

Kikuyu is exceptionally tough and has large coarse leaves. Kikuyu can recover very well from the effects of damage and has exceptional drought resistance. It isn’t as successful in moist or shaded areas.

– $8.60 per square metre.

Nullarbor Turf Pricing:

Nullarbor Couch is a tough grass that is drought-resistant and very low maintenance and can be utilized on sports fields, and is a great choice for tough areas. It can discolour in cold temperatures (below five degrees Celsius).

– $9.65 per square metre.