What Are The Plusses And Minuses Of Wicker Furniture?

Wicker furniture is a term that is frequently misused. Many people think of wicker as a type of material. They consider wicker furniture to be household goods made of natural materials. Wicker is a technique for weaving specific materials into furniture. True, most furniture is constructed from organic materials like rattan and some varieties of bamboo. Wicker, however, is not the same as organic furniture.

Rattan is typically used to make wicker furniture. Rattan is an amazing vine. It naturally develops in warm, dry environments. It is resilient, but when heated, it softens; that is why taking care of rattan is very important. This makes it possible to weave it using the wicker method to create various types of furniture. Rattan is bent and given the desired shape when heated. Rattan hardens and stiffens after it has cooled, taking the desired shape.

As a result, the furniture has a variety of benefits. Its appearance is the primary component of its allure. The majority of outdoor spaces look great with a natural, earthy aesthetic. This natural design sets the ideal mood in most patios and outdoor spaces. Wicker furniture’s appeal is also enhanced by the fact that it is typically composed of natural materials. Therefore, wherever possible, those who care about the environment choose this furniture.

Here are its advantages and disadvantages to find more reasons why wicker furniture is a wise buy.

Plusses Of Wicker Furniture

a rattan chair with a brown pillow, and an indoor plant

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Adds Aesthetics To Your Home

Wicker furniture gives any home a lovely, natural appearance. Many people like to use wicker in outdoor settings, but a few people have deviated from the norm by bringing these lovely items within.

It’s like mixing nature with nature when you have wicker furniture in your outside area. It looks tropical and blends in with the surroundings in your garden thanks to the way it was built and the materials used.

Additionally, wicker furniture doesn’t have to be brown. Depending on the color palette you want for your garden, wicker furniture can come in various hues.


café interior with a terrace and rattan chairs and wooden tables

Wicker furniture is made of exceptionally robust and long-lasting materials. The material is sturdy before it is even made into outdoor furniture, whether it be rattan, reed, or bamboo.

The hardness and durability of the material increase as it is woven into a frame. The strength of the material is greatly increased when it is weaved.

Easily Maintained Furniture

Wicker furniture is ideal for you if you are the sort who does not have much time to think about unimportant things. Since they are made to withstand the worst environments, wicker furniture requires relatively little care.

The furniture will already appear as though it is its first day in your home if you simply dust off the surface occasionally.


brown wooden framed gray padded armchair

People who are concerned about the environment frequently choose wicker. Natural fibers in eco-friendly materials like willow or bamboo provide great choices for indoor and outdoor settings.

Natural materials like bamboo, rattan, and others are resilient against fungus, germs, and insects. They are also sustainable.

Wicker Is Safe

Wicker is a good choice for household furniture if you have both children and animals living there. Wicker is durable and easy to clean. Wicker is not as firm as other types of wood, which means that kids who climb onto it and then fall off won’t damage themselves even if they land on their bottoms.

Wicker Can Be Moved Around Easily

rustic rattan storage, lampshade, books, vase, and a bed

Most homeowners in today’s world take great pleasure in rearranging their furnishings. If this describes you, you really have to purchase some wicker furniture. Since wicker is lightweight, furniture made of it is simple to transport from one room to another.

The weight of wood furniture might make it difficult to move, especially in comparison to other types of outdoor furniture, which can be too light. It can be tipped over by even the smallest movement in balance on the part of the person using it.

Comes In Different Sizes and Shapes

Be aware that there are hundreds of different shapes and sizes to pick from before making a purchase, although you may be tempted to buy the first stunning pair that you see. The appearance of larger furniture is enhanced in spaces with greater square footage. When decorating a space that is on the more compact side, look for acceptable pieces of furniture.

Great Outdoor Options

Wicker furniture can, of course, be utilized indoors; however, the options available for the most desirable seats are the outdoor options. The sofas and chairs will have solid metal frames and be upholstered in long-lasting materials. Additionally, they will feature comfortable cushions.

Most outdoor furniture will consist of pieces that offer many functions, such as sitting, side tables, and coffee tables. To ensure they stand the test of time, each one will be woven from wicker.

Minuses Of Wicker Furniture

brown, synthetic rattan chair and table

Loose Weave

When you buy wicker furniture, you need to ensure that it was expertly created to get your money’s worth. In the event that there are any loose threads or regions that weren’t well woven, they may unravel at a later time. Even while it will take some time for the weave to come apart, it will likely render the entire chat set useless.

Weave that is excessively loose can also be exceedingly unpleasant. Anyone who sits on furniture with a loose weave on the seats or arms will find that it can irritate or scratch their skin. It is also possible that it will scratch persons who are walking by the chair.

Wicker furniture that is of poor quality is typically produced by individuals who charge a minimal amount of money for their work. They are created cheaply and are sold for a low price.

Comfort Level

There are times when wicker furniture is not the most comfortable option. That is also true of most pieces of furniture made of wood. You should go for outdoor furniture set with comfy cushions to maximize the level of relaxation you experience.

You won’t be able to get natural wicker furniture that is very pleasant unless it has some foam cushions. To our great relief, outdoor furniture almost always comes with the aforementioned accouterments. Some even provide additional decorative cushions and other items to make the space more inviting.

Higher Cost

Some pieces of wicker furniture come at a significantly higher price than others. You can expect to pay more for something handcrafted and constructed of natural materials because you are paying for the craftsmanship involved. In this particular instance, we debated whether or not to include this in the benefits section.

If you’re anything like us, you don’t mind shelling out a little bit more cash for items that have been expertly produced. They will have a longer lifespan. You will need to determine whether or not a set of handwoven furniture is within your financial means.

Lesser Durability

Wicker furniture may become uncomfortable to sit on after prolonged usage because the natural fibers may loosen over time. However, this problem is repairable. Wicker is a material that is made of reeds.

Since wicker does not fare very well when subjected to prolonged exposure to moisture, it is recommended that wicker furniture be covered to protect it from rain if it is to be used outside.