What Are the Pluses and Minuses of Wicker Garden Furniture?

The term “wicker furniture” is widely misused. Wicker is a material that many people associate with. They assume that wicker furniture is made of natural materials; in reality, wicker is a method of weaving certain materials into furniture.

True, the furniture is typically made of natural materials such as rattan and some types of bamboo. However, wicker is not the same as natural furniture.

Rattan is commonly used to make wicker furniture. The material is an incredible vine, which grows naturally in warm, dry environments. It is also tough, but when heated, it softens, allowing it to be woven into various types of furniture using the wicker technique.

When heated, rattan is bent and provided the desired shape. When cooled, rattan hardens and stiffens into the desired shape. You can check out the pluses and minuses of rattan garden furniture too!

As a result, wicker furniture has many pluses and minuses, which you’ll learn in this article.

Pluses of Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture has numerous benefits, so ignoring this beauty would be a mistake.


It’s like melding nature with nature if you have wicker furniture in your outdoor space. Its materials and design make it appear tropical while also being an organic addition to the atmosphere in your backyard.

Wicker furniture also doesn’t have to be brown. This furniture comes in various colors to match the color scheme of your backyard.

You could add a splash of color or keep the furniture neutral. Your choice, but wicker furniture looks great in any color.

Different Shapes and Sizes

Though you may be compelled to buy the first lovely set you see, keep in mind that there are hundreds of various shapes and sizes to pick from. Larger furniture looks best in larger rooms. Find the most compact pieces that are appropriate for smaller rooms.

Construction and Durability

Wicker garden furniture is made from materials that are extremely strong and long-lasting. The material is strong before turning into outdoor furniture, whether it is rattan, reed, or bamboo.

The toughness and durability of the material increase once it is woven onto a frame. When you weave the material, you dramatically increase its strength.

Little to No Maintenance

If you buy wicker furniture made of natural materials, it will be resistant to bugs and rot. They are vulnerable to extreme weather, though you can lacquer them to prevent water and mold damage. Natural wicker is simple to maintain and clean by coating it once a year.

You will get a lovely patio set if you buy wicker furniture made of resin or another man-made material. It also does not require weekly or monthly maintenance. If it gets dirty, wipe it down.

Safe and Steady

Outdoor wicker furniture is suitable for children as it is both stable and safe. Some wood furniture is big and heavy and can tip over.

A child may climb and fall from the furniture, dragging it to the ground. Wicker furniture is both stable and lightweight. Little kids will not be hurt if they fall out of the chair.

Wooden outdoor furniture is heavy, whereas other types of garden furniture are too light. It eventually tips over with the slightest shift in the user’s balance.

Excellent Outdoor Options

Of course, you can use wicker furniture indoors, but outdoor options are best for seating. They will have strong metal frames and long-lasting materials for the chairs and couches, which will also have comfortable cushions.

Many outdoor furniture pieces will include seating, side tables, and coffee tables. They’ll all be made of wicker, which is extremely durable.

Becoming Environment-Friendly

People who care for the environment frequently choose wicker. Natural fibers found in eco-friendly materials such as bamboo or willow make them ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Rattan, bamboo, and other natural materials are environmentally friendly and resistant to bacteria, insects, and fungi.


Nowadays, most homeowners enjoy rearranging their furniture. If this describes you, you should consider purchasing wicker furniture. Because wicker is lightweight, moving from one room to the next is simple.

Minuses of Wicker Garden Furniture

There are benefits to having wicker patio furniture at home (here are some tips for patio decorating and furnishing!), but there are also drawbacks. Here are some of the disadvantages of wicker garden furniture.

Loose Weave

When purchasing wicker furniture, make certain that it is well-crafted. If loose sections are not properly weaved, those areas may unravel later. The weave will take some time to unravel, but it has the potential to ruin the whole conversation set.

Loose weaves can also be very uncomfortable. If the weave on the seats or the arm of a chair is loose, it will scratch or poke anyone who sits in it. It may also scrape people who walk past the chair.

Wicker furniture that is poorly crafted is typically made by people charging a low price. They are cheaply made and sold.

Level of Comfort

Wicker garden furniture isn’t always the most relaxing. That is also true for the majority of wood furniture. The outdoor furniture set you select should include comfortable cushions for added comfort.

You won’t find truly comfortable natural wicker furniture without foam cushions. Fortunately, most outdoor furniture comes with these extras. Some even include additional throw pillows and other snuggly accessories.

Increased Cost

Some wicker furniture comes with a higher price tag. You are paying for the craftsmanship if it is made of natural materials and handcrafted. In this case, we almost included it in the benefits section.

If you’re like others, you won’t mind spending a little more on well-made items. They’ll be more durable. You must decide if your budget allows for a handwoven furniture set.

You can mitigate many of the disadvantages we’ve discussed with some research. You’ll have to spend a bit more to obtain well-crafted furniture. It will be comfortable and long-lasting; there will be no loose weaving or broken pieces; it will be reinforced and can withstand the external elements.

Wicker garden furniture is a favorite of ours. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. If you want the appearance of wicker but not the cost, you could always use resin or another composite material. It will provide you with the same aesthetic at a lower cost.

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