What Are the Different Types of Mattresses?

Have you been spending a lot of nights tossing and turning on your bed?

The problem might be with your mattress. In order to get a night of good sleep, you need a good mattress. But, during a mattress sale or when visiting a  showroom, you get overwhelmed by the available choices. So, how do you figure out which one is right for you?

So, here is a list of the different types of mattresses that will help you make the right decision. Whether it’s a super king mattress or a king single mattress.

1. Memory Foam

If you want comfort and body support, particularly while sleeping on your side, then a memory foam mattress is the go-to choice. It is one of the popular types of mattresses as it gradually conforms to the shape of your body as you sleep. It offers you the support you need for sleeping on your side. It will contour to your body and make you feel like you are surrounded by the mattress. Also, since there are several foam layers in the mattresses, it doesn’t sag in the middle.

2. Gel

In these types of mattresses, the foam mattress is accompanied by gel in either the upholstery or the support system. This mattress dissipates body heat effectively, so if you hate the way foam mattress absorbs the body heat, the smart gel mattress is the one for you. It has a significantly different feel compared to the memory foam mattress, so you have to test it out before making a decision.

3. Pillow Tops

If you are a side sleeper who doesn’t want to sleep on a gel or memory foam mattress, then pillow-top mattresses might be the answer to your prayers. In this type of mattress, there is an additional upholstery layer that is soft, cushioning and gives a feeling of sinking, similar to the one you get with foam mattresses. You can sink your hip and shoulder into the pillow top and let your back remain aligned comfortably.

4. Innerspring

Known as a coil mattress, the innerspring mattress has metal springs for internal support. The number of coils embedded in the design can be used as a measure of the quality of support it offers. The distribution and number of coils will determine how the mattress conforms to your body. It works for the back, tummy, and side sleepers.

5. Water Bed

In this type of mattress, the main support system is water. It contains a rectangular water chamber padded with an upholstery material such as fibres, foam, etc., and is best for back sleepers. The water might be in a limited-flow waveless chamber or a free-flow chamber. Your choice will depend on the level of support and flexibility you want and whether the water movement distracts you or not.

6. Air Bed

In an air bed, the primary support is from a chamber filled with air padded with fibre or foam upholstery. By adjusting the air chamber, you can adjust the mattress’ firmness. In some air beds, you can adjust each side separately. This type of mattress is best suited for back sleepers.

7. Latex Mattress

As the name suggests, in this mattress, latex foam is used instead of memory foam. It is less dense and offers less heating than the memory foam mattress. With latex, you can get varying levels of plushness and firmness that can accommodate tummy, back, or side sleepers.

8. Adjustable Bases

These are among the most flexible mattresses that offer support and relief wherever you need them. You can also adjust the base for raising your feet, elevating your head, and providing more back support. They can target sleep-related issues such as back pain, muscle aches, sleep apnea, heartburn, acid reflux, etc.

Now, you are ready for the next mattress sale and look for great options like the nolah limited edition 10″ mattress. You know what are the different types of mattresses and can find the one that helps you get a peaceful and good night’s sleep.

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