What Are the 9 Specialties of Dentistry?

When it comes to dentistry, there are nine well-known dental specialties. Even though some specialists will offer personalized patient oral care, you will have to either see an endodontist, prosthodontist, orthodontist, periodontist, or a pediatric dentist based on what you need. If you wish to speak to a specialist and understand your situation, you can visit My Dental Home, Dr. Kevin Brown & Associates

General and family dentists provide numerous similar services but will not concentrate on one field of dentistry. They will offer standard services such as dental treatment, cosmetic treatment, and pediatric treatment.  If you’re not sure what is good for you, you can find out more about dental care at dentistry friendswood.

Meanwhile, in this article, you will learn more about the nine specialties of dentistry. Also, contact the most trusted Dentist in Chapel Hill NC, if you want to avail professional and advanced cosmetic dentistry services without breaking the bank. 

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry will be focused on the oral care of kids and teenagers. Dental care for your kid is crucial if you wish to avoid oral problems such as cavities, especially if the kid has started growing permanent teeth. Also, you need to watch the jaw and other surrounding structures as they develop. 

Much of the dental care will be to prevent tooth decay, and the child will need to brush teeth and visit the dentist regularly. If you see an experienced pediatric dentist in Roseville, VA, you may avoid common teeth problems. Treatment will be essential, and you will prevent other unnecessary issues.


Orthodontics is necessary if you’re looking to prevent and correct crooked teeth. The procedure has been performed since ancient times. But it is worth noting that the treatment involving metal brackets has been in existence since the start of the 20th century. 

Orthodontics can be performed on a child or an older adult, even though the treatment will be best for under 18. Kids will benefit more from orthodontics than adults. Generally, oral health and appearance will be the reasons why you will need orthodontic treatment.  Check this post to know the things parents should know before getting braces for their kids.


Prosthodontics will focus on restoration and maintaining your teeth. It will also be beneficial to seek comfort or improve your appearance and health by replacing missing teeth. 

A prosthodontist will have skills in constructing and placing removable elements so that tooth replacement can go smoothly. The specialists can also develop prosthetic devices, obturators that will help prevent issues in your mouth. 

When it comes to fitting oral prostheses, the process is detailed and can be challenging. The expert needs to know what is involved in the process. Jaw movements will be monitored to find out if there is any problem. 

Prosthodontics will need skills in mouth preparation, planning, follow-up care, jaw movements, and placing the prostheses. 

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral surgery St George Utah involves the diagnosis, and the procedure is designed to treat injuries, diseases, jaw defects, and linked facial structures. Both clinic physicians and dentists will refer you to an experienced oral surgeon like Dr. Jamison Metcalf should you have specific dental issues. The procedures you may come across include removing infected teeth removal of wisdom teeth St George Utah, treating jaw infections, tumors, cysts, and lesions. Also, there are numerous complicated issues such as facial and jaw injuries, 

Public Health Dentistry

Public Health Dentistry is well-known as a specialty in the United States of America. As a professional dentist, you will be recognized by the American Dental Association if you have a master’s degree in training and if you passed the vital examination. 


Periodontics will deal with the diagnosis, prevention, and treating periodontal tissues. These are tissues that support your teeth. The periodontal tissues will consist of jaws, gums, and associated attached structures. When it comes to periodontal diseases, the most widespread disease is periodontitis, also referred to as pyorrhea. It is a disease caused by irritants. You must visit a dentist as soon as possible if you detect pyorrhea. If left untreated, the periodontal tissues will be destroyed. Periodontitis causes loss of teeth in many people. 

Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology

Oral pathology refers to the study of oral diseases and involves knowing the cause and effects of common diseases. You will also learn more about oral structure and functions. A professional oral pathologist will offer the right treatment, and you will have peace of mind. 


Endodontics involves treating specific oral diseases that can be found in a tooth. The problems could affect the pulp canal, pulp chamber, and other associated structures. Bleaching of teeth and root canal treatment will be traditional treatments offered by experienced endodontists.

Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology

Oral and maxillofacial radiology will involve utilizing X-rays for the assessment and treatment of oral diseases. Also, the procedure can detect jaw problems. Not only does it use the conventional X-ray but also a panographic X-ray. Radiation and radioactive materials will be used when it comes to treating your mouth.