What Are The 6 Types Of Kitchen Layout

Whether you are building a new kitchen or you are thinking of getting some renovation works done on your current one, you have to think about the kind of kitchen layout to use. The kitchen layout is the way the kitchen is designed that would ensure functionality. When designing a kitchen, besides the aesthetics, you have to make sure that the kitchen is easy to use. Since you would be using your kitchen for long periods, you have to make sure that the setting is in order to make work easy for you.

Before we begin to look at 6 types of kitchen layout, let us first understand why the need for layout and what it helps you achieve.

The Work Triangle

The work triangle was a plan developed to help ensure proper use and management of kitchen space. This triangle takes note of three important duties in the kitchen; cooking, cleaning, and storing, in no particular order. The idea is that you should be able to achieve these three things in the kitchen without running into any obstructions, like a wall or any demarcation. The three points of the work triangle are; the stove or cooking top, the washing sink, and the refrigerator. One should have access to any of these three points without facing any hindrance. This would make the kitchen more organized and also improve efficiency in the kitchen.

A kitchen layout helps you achieve this work triangle by making ample space for you to move from various points without any obstruction in between. So, taking the time to select a kitchen layout would not only make your kitchen look organized but would also help you work around the kitchen with ease.

Here are the 6 types of kitchen layout

1. The One-Wall Kitchen

Like the name states, the one-wall kitchen has everything stacked against one wall. That means the cooking top, the sink, and the refrigerator are all rested against one wall. There would also be lots of overhead and lower cabinets to cabinets to create storage for things. The sink is usually in the middle with the cooking top on the right, but this may be altered. The most distinct feature of this type of kitchen is how only one part of the kitchen. Is used while the rest sides are free. This type of kitchen is used to save space and is specially used in places where there is not enough place to keep the sink or cooking top in another part of the kitchen.

2. The L-Shaped Kitchen

This type of kitchen retains the shape of the letter L in relation to the work triangle rule. You may have the refrigerator and the sink on one part of the kitchen with the cooking top adjoining on the other side. It would also feature lower cabinets all joined together to form the L shape. This creates a lot of space to work in the middle.

3. The Island Kitchen

The island kitchen is a very popular kitchen choice. The kitchen island can feature cabinets, a countertop for preparing meals, the sink, or can even be used for eating. This versatility is the beauty of this type of Oshawa Kitchen Design. This type of kitchen layout is preferable in kitchens with enough space. There are also many places to store things in this kind of kitchen layout.

4. The U-Shaped Kitchen

In this type of kitchen, we have all three points of the work triangle adjacent to each other. You can decide to place the refrigerator on the right or left but the sink is best left in the middle but not too far from the cooking top. If you are going to use overhead cabinets, use them on only one side of the kitchen to avoid making it look cramped. You should also opt for open shelving rather than closed cabinets if you can. This kind of kitchen is best for big spaces and it accommodates more than one person at a time.

5. The Galley Kitchen

The galley kitchen features two cabinets facing each other with a pathway, galley, in between for movement. Often, in such a layout, there are two walls just facing each other, where the cabinets are placed. The refrigerator is usually tucked in at the end of one of the walls with the kitchen and cooking stove opposite each other. This kind of kitchen is best for small places as it makes ample use of every space available. 

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6. The Peninsula Layout

The peninsula layout features an island that sticks out from the wall. This kind of layout is for those who want a kitchen island style but do not have the space to achieve it. There is a large kitchen counter where a lot of things can be done. This space would include the sink or cooking top. The peninsula can be used for things you would normally do on an island.