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Outdoor Wedding Ideas farewell

The bridal wedding traditionally honor a newly engaged couple. Some couples choose to have a bachelor wedding instead of a bachelor party, a party for the bride, friends and family. A bridal wedding can include both the bride and groom and guests of both sexes. You have the memorable farewell party ideas for outdoor wedding that will help the guests to celebrate nature and commitment to be married couple together.


Create a garden themed bridal farewell anywhere outdoors with floral decorations and other items. Add flowers or potted plants to expand the tables on the outdoor theme. Even a simple bare lawn can become a beautiful garden with floral garlands on the trees or structures near the area.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas farewell



Decorate the chairs of the bride and groom with bright flowers to add to the party color. Buy silk floral arrangements to decorate the outdoor area and give them to the bride so that she can continue to enjoy them even after the party ended. Create a Hawaiian luau theme adding torches and exotic flowers, bright colors in the outdoor setting. Includes a stack of leis to each guest in use, with more elaborate designs for the bride and groom.



Ask guests to bring gifts bridal farewell garden themed outdoor party. The couple can register for gifts at a local nursery if you have specific types of bulbs, plants and trees that they would like. Garden tools and decorative items are also good gift ideas for an outdoor party. Couples who do not have much outdoor space can opt to receive plants indoor planters and other garden gifts saving space.

Bring farewell theme wedding outdoor garden facing each guest to take home and enjoy memories. Buy small planters or pots and fill with miniature seeds to create small unique and memorable gifts. To add a twist, includes a small silk flower to represent the type of seeds that are presented to the guests.