Unique ways to hang curtains

If an owner or designer is tired of his bars simple curtain, there are several ways to create unique and distinctive curtain hangers. Because the curtain rods can add a unique touch to your treatments for windows, homeowners and designers are always looking for new and different ways to hang curtains.

Cable Hanger
Those who are looking to give a modern twist to traditional curtain rods can use wire hangers. The wire hangers are a clean, contemporary option for hanging curtains. The owners and designers who choose to use these hangers to hang the cable must ring with screws or clips for cable. Aro screws and cable clips can be fastened to the end of each window frame.

ways to hang curtains

The top of the curtain can be threaded through the cable hanging from the window. For those looking to divide a large open room, wire hangers and curtains are a unique and creative solution. Owners can attach a cable through an entire room and hang a curtain. This will create another area that can almost seem like a “room” separate.

Coat hooks
Another unique alternative to curtains hangers are the coat hooks. Instead of using traditional curtain hangers, owners can put coat hooks on the sides of each window frame. They can place the curtain on each hook and let the curtain hang on both sides. Owners can also hold curtains through a simple bar and place the bar above the coat hooks. This quick and interesting solution can be easily used by those who have additional hooks for coats in the house. To complement the decor of the room, homeowners can paint the hooks the same color of the walls or accessories .

Door knobs
The door knobs are another creative solution for hanging curtains. Owners can use knobs that are remaining in the house or can find unique knobs in thrift stores or antique. The knobs can then be fastened to the top of each side of the window. After knobs are screwed to the window, the owners or designers can use fabric ties to hold the curtains. If the style of the room is contemporary or modern, is better to use knobs simple and neat. If the room is eclectic in style, owners can use knobs with patterns or colors.