Painting Houses Wall Decor

Ways to decorate walls

The texture helps hide imperfections in the walls. Adding texture to walls can also add decoration to your home. If you’re going to add a texture to your walls, choose one of several options. Some options really add texture and some cards to add texture, but really just add paint. Texture options are available for people with experience or those who have no experience at all.

Bearing rags
The bearing of wipes is the addition of texture by using paint . This option is quite easy, fast and cheap. You must have two colors of paint. These contrast with each other or may be two different shades of the same color. Paint the wall with the lightest color first and let it dry. The bearing of the cloth is performed in the darkest color, as the top layer. The rags you use may be different elements. Rags rolled cloth work well and so do rolls of plastic bags. The effect of texture is performed by dipping the cloth slightly in the paint and then to roll it on the wall surface. Wrinkles on the rags are what create the textured effect. Practice your technique wrapped in paper or a discrete portion of the wall to begin with.

to decorate walls

Many roofs have a texture that is due to using a brush and wet plaster. Use this same technique to add texture to the walls. For best results , use a brush that will give a surface texture. Experiment on scrap pieces of wood using different consistencies of the mixture of gypsum and pattern you want to appear on the walls. When you complete the addition of texture, let it dry and then paint with a roller specially designed for textured walls or through the use of a spray painter. To be a little more creative and personal when using plaster to add texture, extends the drywall compound with a spatula and allow to partially dry. Add plaster impressions as your children’s hands and feet. Add prints the elements of nature like twigs or leaves.

Some simple additives can be mixed with the paint to give a light texture to the walls. Choose between special additives available at hardware or buy the game to mix sand. The first step is to pour the paint into a container larger . For one thing, once you add sand or other additive, where the paint tin wine will overflow. Another reason for pouring paint into a larger container is poured into another container that will make it much easier to shake. Mix well the paint and painting the walls normally.


Orange peel
The orange peel paint has nothing to do with a real orange peel. Is a paint spraying method involves less texture which resembles that of an orange peel. Use a special spray texture when you want the orange peel effect. Do not confuse this with the effect of accidental paint some painters obtained by using the wrong type of sprayer or nozzle, especially when painting cars.