Automatic Lawn Sprinklers, The No Sweat Way To Get A Beautiful Lawn

People who live in areas that are prone to dry summers will often find that they need to water their lawns in order to keep them lush and green. If you have a large yard, attaching lawn sprinklers to a hose and physically moving around your yard simply is not cost effective nor is it time effective. Automatic sprinklers can save you vast amounts of time by having several of them placed all around your yard to operate efficiently and all at one time. By using reclaimed water, you can also save money because you are not adding water to your water bill if you are able to collect and reuse water that has been claimed from rain or run-off.


People who have very large yards could never water their entire grounds each day without hiring someone to do it. The time it would take to properly water each square foot of your lawn would require more time than any person wants to spend. A person would have a full-time job just doing lawn care and watering. This is often the case for people who own commercial properties. If you’re interested in the best way to maintain a beautiful property without having to hire more staff, visit EZ Lawn Sprinklers are the most trusted name in residential and commercial irrigation and sprinkler systems.

The cost of automatic sprinklers quickly pays for itself in time saved and efficiency overall. Odds are that they will do a better job because they can be set on timers and will never forget to water. Humans are prone to getting busy and forgetting a detail such as watering the lawn. This can result in a brown, dead lawn in short order. In hot zones and dry areas, just forgetting a couple of days in a row to water your lawn can result in dead grass and dried up plants.

Lawn sprinklers can only reach a small area, take longer to do the same amount of watering, hook directly to your clean water supply and must be physically moved to locations around the yard by human hands. This means that someone has to be there to turn them on and off and move them. Most people like to leave for a weekend once in a while. Family trips generally take place during hot months. With no one there to water your lawn and move the sprinkler around, it is very likely you will come home to a dead lawn.

When you have an automated system, you have the benefit of setting a timer and knowing that your lawn is getting watered at the same time each day, no matter what. With new technology available, you can even control some systems with your smartphone. Imagine being able to change the timing or shutting them off while you are at work because it is raining? With flexibility and total control, there really is no reason not to go to an automated system. A lawn care specialist in your area can install them quickly and easily. Make a call today!