Washer and dryer appliance repair

Things that do some work are the things that can break, whether it is from the usual wear and tear all appliances experience during the normal work, or from a multitude of different reasons. When such a situation happens, you will need to decide to repair it or not, depending on some factors you should be aware of.


Cost of repair can be a number 1 reason for many people when deciding whether to repair or not some of their appliances. According to some research, fixing a household appliance on average costs around $175, most often between $100 and $250. This includes both the cost of replacement parts, plus the cost of labor of a qualified technician.

On average, washer and dryer appliance repair differ from each other. The average cost of repairing a dryer is around $180, while the washer is around $225. Depending on the actual nature of the failure these prices can be much different, and several times higher.

One rule of thumb is that if a repair costs less than 50% of a replacement appliance, then it is more economical to repair it. But, you should be aware that when calculating costs of a new one to not take into account just the sticker price. The full cost of a new appliance is also delivery and installation fees, and any additional costs.

Age of appliance

Whether it makes sense to repair an appliance also depends on its age. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the older some appliance is, it is more likely that the manufacturer has discontinued it and not producing replacement parts anymore. Also, the older an appliance is, the more likely it is to break down due to normal wear and tear.

For washers, the average lifespan after which people replace them is 10 years, while it is 13 years for a dryer. These numbers are not set in stone but are a good starting point when measuring whether the day for replacing your appliances is nearing.

Whether to repair or replace a washer and dryer is a decision that always boils down to is it worth it and cost-effective. In many situations giving a new lease of life to your existing appliances is a better choice.