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How to decorate the walls of a master bedroom

When decorating a master bedroom one of the first decisions you must make is the finish of the walls. The color, design and texture you choose to generate a significant impact on the overall look of the room and you can use these elements to create a specific style in space. There are several options for decorating the walls of a master bedroom, so keep in mind factors like budget, the style you want and hand labor required before deciding your final choice.

 decorate the walls


The painting, as available in a variety of colors and finishes, it is an economical option for renew the look of your walls effortlessly. The paint color you choose for the bedroom should be relaxing, with colors like blue, green, lilac, peach or beige. For a small room, choose a light shade to make the space look larger. However, if the bedroom is large you can choose more saturated tones of the colors above. You can also texturing the walls painted with faux finishing techniques painting with sponges or cloths, so they look like stone, marble, leather or other materials . If you prefer a pattern, use templates to apply decorative designs or a frieze on the top or bottom of the walls.

Often the wallpaper used to cover the walls of a bedroom, but the application is more laborious to apply paint and you can not easily change this finish. However, the wallpaper is available in a wide range of colors and designs, so you can completely change the look of a room. Some of these papers are textured and can generate an interesting look to the bedroom. If you do not want all the walls papered the environment, covers only the wall behind the bed with a patterned paper to become the focal point of the room. You can also use a paper frieze at the top or bottom of the wall to create a more subtle effect design.


If you like the look of textured walls, finished with plaster is an attractive option for your bedroom. In general, you can stain or enamel before applying the plaster, so that you can customize with a color to match the decor of the environment. Often used plaster on the walls with semicircular motion, but you can apply it with a trowel made the design you prefer. The application process is more intense than that of traditional painting, but it’s a perfect finish to cover the walls are damaged and you can hide large amount of surface defects.



For a bedroom with rustic wood panels are ideal. The wood-paneled headboards are an attractive option, but you can get flat or embossed panels made with wooden slats. Before installing you can paint or stain them to customize the look of the material. As with the wallpaper, you can apply one or two panels on walls to create visual interest and create a focal wall. You can also use only panels in the bottom of the wall and give a termination with moldings.