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Joining a brick wall to block

The block and brick walls add structure and privacy to a patio, but must be installed correctly or the resulting structures could be unsafe. If you are joining a brick wall with a brick wall, you have to install an expansion joint flexible, where are the two ends of the wall. Cushion joint walls and absorb the stress and change the contract with changes in temperature.

brick wall to block



Dig a base from the edge of the block wall with a flat blade shovel. Have about 10 inches (25 cm) wide and 5 inches (12.5 cm) deeper than the bricks. Set a level on the top of the trench and dig up any high point until the base is level.

Extends 4 inches (10 cm) angular gravel on the foundation with a hoe, and compact the sand to strike with the flat side of a tamping tool.
Stacks of bricks with easy access to the foundation so that you can quickly put them before the mortar begins to harden.

Use a measuring tape and a knife to cut a length of foam backer rod to fit vertically from the bottom to the top of the block wall.

Mix a bag of pre-mixed mortar in a wheelbarrow with a small amount of water, and mixed with the end of the hoe. Put small dabs of mortar on the gravel, and spread it an inch (2.5 cm) with a notched trowel.

Keep the bottom of the foam backer rod down the center of the adjacent end of the block wall, and have someone hold the rod up. Spread 1/4 inch (6 mm) of mortar on the ends of two bricks and place them side by side in the mortar with foam backer rod. Spread the mortar on the ends of the next set of bricks, and place them parallel to each other and against the ends of the first series. Continue placing the first course of two bricks at a time, and beat lightly with a hammer to make them level.

Start the second row with two bricks and a half to make the connections. Spread 1/4 inch (6 mm) of mortar on the first course and the ends of the bricks that you are configuring. Place half bricks pressed against the expansion joint, and continues to set the second course putting two bricks at a time until it is completed.

Again filled the gap left on the base and angular compactable gravel.

Build a course of brick wall at a time until it is level within the block wall.

Place a pipe expansion joint sealant in your caulk gun, and fills the space between the face of the wall and the foam backer rod. Start at the front of the wall, and the sealant applied in thin layers from the bottom up to avoid drips. While putting the first layer, caulk the back of expansion joint from the other side of the wall. Repeat this process until the space behind and in front of the expansion joint to be filled with caulk, and removes excess surface with a spatula.