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A wall of colors to brighten up any room in your house

If the decor of your house is a bit off and you need a power stroke to revitalize an anodyne environment look at the great idea that we bring you today. It is the perfect solution to give your home a good dose of pure energy.

Colorful wall

Park the neutral colors for a while. Forget for the moment the dull, dark tones of winter. We are beginning the summer season, with its explosion of light and color. It is time to load a little bit of the inks, never better said, and bet for bold solutions that help us revitalize the decoration of our house. Like this wall of colors that makes our eyes happy encourages our mood.

A wall of colors to brighten

In addition, as much as you love the Nordic-style environments with white walls and profusion of pastel shades, a wall painted with the colors of the rainbow is the best way to animate the interior of a room. You can adopt this idea for any stay, although I personally like it more for children’s room’s studios or playrooms. Use this idea on one wall and leave the other three blank. This will give you a calmer, less intense effect.

A wall of colors painted by you

Painting the walls is not a difficult task. Of course, it has its proper way of doing it and its proper technique. In addition, there are many tricks worth knowing if you are going to paint the walls of your house yourself. However, it is a job that we can all face with the conviction that we will do it fairly well. Like so many things, it is a matter of practice and desire. That’s why this project has the peculiarity that you can do it yourself without having to call any experts.

Choose the exact colors

When one considers painting a wall of colors with the tones of the rainbow, he must make an effort to choose the painting correctly. Do not just decide if we want to use plastic paint, or what type of product. It is also important to choose the right shades. The color charts of the different paint brands have many references that can complicate the subject. Do not rush, go systematically and create your own selection of colors.

In this case has used the mythical painting to chalk or chalk paint by Annie Sloan, a very cover painting and a nice matte finish that is one of its main qualities. When choosing the colors you have to take into account that in many occasions the tones become darker when they dry. One thing you can do is cut out the color swatches so you can put them together and see the effect the tones make together. Once you have decided the selection of colors, you can get to work.

Vertical stripes, simple and fun design

There are several ways to decorate a colored wall. You can opt for horizontal stripes, geometric patterns or Chevron style zigzag lines. However, the vertical stripes seem to me one of the best options. They bring volume to the space and make the ceilings appear taller. As you see, choosing the right colors and opting for the right design when you put them on the wall of your room will be the best guarantee of success.

Materials and work process

In addition to the paintings of the chosen colors (in the case of the images used eight different), you will need bodyguard tape, fine brush, small roller to paint, a meter. The first thing you will have to do is measure the wall. Depending on the amount of colors you want to use, you will have to calculate the measure of the stripes so they are all equally wide.

Before or after dividing the wall into stripes, it is convenient that you make a sketch on paper to see how you are going to put the different colors. It is important to measure the wall very well to ensure that the stripes are equally wide at the top and at the bottom. Then the bodybuilder tape is placed to separate the vertical lines and to make them perfectly straight.

Materials and work process

Once delimited the stripes with the tape of bodybuilder can begin to paint. You will have to give two or three layers of paint until the wall is well covered. The plastic paint dries fast, so you will not have to wait long between each coat of paint.