How to build a wall cabinet

A lack of storage space can be frustrating and cause clutter of things in one corner of the house. A simple solution is to steal a few feet to one side of the space and add a wall cabinet. This is a cabinet that extends the width of space and provides enough space to store things without changing dramatically the distribution of space.


Add a wall cabinet to a space

Select the point in space where closet. Check that when the project ends not interfere with doors or ceiling.

wall cabinet

Mark the perimeter of the new cabinet and count it with the meter.

Take the stud finder along the walls to find beams below the existing plaster. Use a pencil to mark the location of the closest to the line of your ribbon beams. The full size armaria should be adjusted to the width of the space between the existing beams.

Measures wood 2×4 and cut what you need for the front of the cabinet.

Place wood cut along the marked and the floor beams and secure with large screws. Insert the screws diagonally to help sustain them safely on the floor. Ensures wood ceiling with screws. Once the frame is secured to the ceiling, walls and floor beams added to the cabinet walls three feet (0.9 m) in length to provide support and points of support for the new drywall.

Put a frame in front of the size of the ports of the new cabinet. Go to the instructions of the manufacturer if you have to have any special requirements when placing the frame.

Measure and mark the wall at the necessary measures. Plaster cut along the lines with a skil saw using a fine blade to cast.

Ensures gypsum 2×4 frame with screws.

Sealing joints between new drywall and the existing wall with tape and drywall compound. Applying a thin layer of compound with a cast saw and the joint tape press down gently on the upper part thereof. Place another layer of compound on the top of the tape. Be careful with the edges not compound grease them. Wait to dry.

Sand the edges of the dry compound with a thin sandpaper until smooth and do not feel.

Spend a compound layer of texture that matches the walls of the room and wait for it to dry. Once the texture is dry, the walls can be painted to match with the rest of the space.

Hang the doors of the new cabinet. Go to the instruction guide Manufacturer .