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What size drill bit to use wall anchors

Hanging a large picture or mirror on the wall requires more than a screwdriver and a screw.To properly install an anchor wall , you have to be familiar with the use of the drill and the drill sizes suitable for the task.

About wall anchors
Wall anchors covers are plastic or metal fibers inside. Are inserted in the wall to fasten the screws firmly. Without an anchor wall and throw the screw slip of gypsum panels due to the weight of the object support. When the screw anchor enters the wall and is tightened, the ends of the anchor is expanded and attached to the wall preventing it from falling out of the screw hole. Anchoring wall fastened to screw in place preventing weight drag it outwards and downwards. There are many sizes of anchors wall and vary the amount of weight they can support.

wall anchors

Hole guide
To properly configure an anchor wall drywall, you must drill a pilot hole first. It is an opening hole for the tip of the anchor penetrates smoothly into the drywall without drilling holes in their own way. Without a guide hole, the anchor wall would be introduced into the space by using a hammer, causing splits or gypsum possibly splitting. These force the anchor hole wall to enter straight rather than angled.

Drill sizes
Using a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the anchor wall as drywall are smooth. If you make the hole too large, anchor wall may not attach to the drywall. Some anchors come with the appropriate size drill bit, but you may need to make estimates about the size drill bit to use. The screws are numbered as # 6, # 8, and so, with reference to the diameter thereof. Therefore, for the anchorage of wall where screws number 6 and number 8, a drill of 1/8 to be placed it is appropriate for their guide holes. A screw anchor to the wall require a No. 10 drill 3/16.

Mark screw location with a pencil. Drill a pilot hole through the plaster. Place the tip of the anchor wall in it, then hitting the end lightly with a hammer to drive it to the top of the hole being flush with the wall . Place the screw into the anchor wall leaving an inch (1.30 cm) outside to hang the object.