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Decorating with vintage furniture style

If you have a deep interest in vintage furniture, eclectic style or simply need to find a way to place furniture in a space you have, decorate a room with vintage mismatched furniture is not as difficult as it seems. Some people believe that this type of decoration will create a huge collection of garbage, but not if you make this project with careful planning and creatively; not simply must locate all the pieces in one place and wait for the style work.



Paint the walls the same color as the largest piece of vintage furniture style you have. For example, if the sofa has a turquoise frame, painting the wall of that color. If you’re not handy with paint, wallpaper placed on the walls. If the walls have the same color as the furniture, an equilibrium would be a chaotic space is generated.

vintage furniture style


It incorporates elements with chalk tones to offset bright, vibrant tones of vintage furniture. For example, if you have a chair emerald, placed a cushion beige to create unity between the two parts; Also this creates an appearance with Victorian or French inspiration.


Covers side tables with fabric with floral designs and windows with lace accents. If you use the vintage to decorate a room, place a soft chenille bedspread.


Strain a collection of pictures on a wall: Make sure you have a variety of frame styles to match the uneven furniture. If you prefer that the frames have a uniform color, use different sizes to keep the eclectic style.


Place a rug under the table craft center. The carpets woven are ideal, but any carpet that is not too modern style can match the decor that surrounds it.


Print images in sepia tone and frame them to place on the cabinets and comfortable with vintage style.


Add other accessories and collectibles on the mantelpiece; you can place a glass box with vintage jewelry or pieces of abstract art.