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How to have a vintage bedroom

Turn your bedroom into a retreat with a period style. The vintage style revives the past so sophisticated and tasteful. Decorate the room with family heirlooms or objects that you find in antique shops. Whether you live in a modern city apartment or in a bungalow next to the beach, a bedroom decorated in a period style will transform the space and feel like you’re sleeping in another era.

 vintage bedroom


Paint the walls of the place with a soft tone. The pastel colors as pistachio, pale blue and yellow sun are suitable for vintage decor.

Cover the floor with a small woven rug. Use a carpet that has a delicate design, like flowers . Use a carpet you have, you’ve found in an antique shop, or buy a new one that has an antique look.

Furnish the room with delicate parts. For the bed, consider an ancient structure with four white posts or spent brass structure with porcelain pinnacles. Place a comfortable worn, bleached or wicker. Create a sitting area with a sofa or rocker old.

Add bedding soft and feminine. Cover the bed with a quilt or blanket of white lace. Hang on windows lace curtains or curtains of colored light. Arrange on the bed cushions covered with toile or plaid fabric. Extends the foot of the bed or in the back of the sofa or rocking chair medium chenille blanket.

Light up the room with antique lamps. Ceiling hangs a chandelier metal and glass chandeliers vintage and placed on the walls. On the bedside table, place an electric lamp that simulates being an old oil lamp.

Add vintage ornaments. Place glass bowls and vases filled with flowers fresh on the dresser and nightstand. On top of a dresser or vanity, place a tray and makeup mirror, makeup stands and vintage perfume bottles above it, and a comb and brush silver. Hang on the wall pictures of slopes covered with flowers .